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Ignoring problem in my life

    Today,I ain’t feel good…and today is worse than before.I don’t know if ignoring people is a trend or what,I found nowaday many people do like that and I’m the victim of this trend!

     It’s like when you’re greeting them, you’re like greeting with airs saying ‘How are you?’ WTH…. You don’t get any response while they’re looking at you ‘ON THE SPOT’,and I feel they intend to do it. When I asked them why ‘loudly‘,they said “I’m thinking something and I can’t hear what you said just now”. Huh?You think I’m stupid? It’s not once but multiple times.

      I just get too sick of these people now. If you don’t like me,just saying ‘I hate you,you Son of a b*tch’ rather than ignoring me. I won’t know what you’re thinking if you don’t say it out.I always ‘huh’ because i have hearing problem,my brain has got problem interpretting the sound waves so I failed to converse with you people face to face when my brain can’t interpret, then I will answer them randomly like chess pre-made sentences. exp : “Oh….”. But that’s not the topic right now.

     My mum joins a buddhism belief (not to mention it in order not to provoke controversy). Last time she had a time being treated in the same way as I am , and she said not to be friend with that biatch. She told us again and again until my dad and I faded up. At last that biatch felt guilty and I didn’t say she had become good or whatsoever.

    She always asked me to chanting,chanting and chanting…..for your own good and when a good situation comes,she must be connecting the fortunes with the belief of chanting. exp : “You got the good result in exam! It must be the power of chanting,it blessed you.” (Like I’m chanting instead of studying to get the result,what a jerk.) Bla bla bla…. It’s not like you will get opportunity to become next prime minister if you do chant. I forced myself to join to have better relationship with my mum because she’s like anti me when I refused to join.

     Now,it is my turn. I hate 3 guys because they seem to be gang up ignoring me.It really gets on my nerve. I don’t mind if you three intend to ignore me all the time,BUT they talked to when they felt they want to. Don’t you think this situation pissed me up?

     I told my mum about it and she was standing AGAINST me blaming that I’m easily to get anger (Ok,I know I get angry easily,but I just cannot see myself being emotionally bullied) and she said my dad and I are easily to get angry but she doesn’t know that she’s the fastest person to get angry in my family. Nobody would acknowledge their weaknesses…. until you’re being told so BY OTHER PEOPLE YOU AREN’T CLOSE,as you won’t hear the truth from your family.

      After that, I reminded my mum about how she was being treated like that to support my evidences.But she told me that nobody forces me to join the belief,but I’ve never tried to mean that,but she does force me join it… Her face turned sour and saying don’t want to hear it by using her long working time as an excuse.Her working hour from 5am to 12am,who won’t get crazy? So I forgave her. 😛

      Earlier my mum asked me to open lottery results via internet.She started to sleep at that time,but I woke her up and she scolded by saying something not logical to the condition…. and I fought back (I respected her but I cannot control myself from being disgraced). What’s the conclusion? There’s a gap between my mum and I because of the belief….

        It seems my family sucks, and also we’ve never had family day on Sunday.Even my parents didn’t care at all on their marriage anniversary on 28th December,no present and dinner too.

        My mum has to work on her stall all night long.Meanwhile, my dad has to ‘relax‘ saying that he got stress helping my mum cooking curry and his ‘relax’ is meant to go for horse gambling,what a jerk.My bro always goes to his girlfriend house sleeping everyday,I mean EVERYDAY,he comes home when he feels he wants to.My sis is married and having a girl baby,she has her own family to take care and she comes home sometimes it’s like once a month or even LESS (not coming home). They all are leaving me all alone everyday. I found myself is the REAL ‘Mr Lonely’….lol

P.S : This post isn’t provoking any controversy.Just a part of my bad feeling today.Also please comments the situation and share with other people if you’re happened to be like me. My life isn’t really that bad actually,just written to be seemed that awful…. but it actually happened.


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SwitchFoot live in Singapore and Malaysia

   I’m sure some of you guys never heard of it,even me…. Just heard from my friend about them when they are coming to Malaysia.’Meant to live’ and ‘Dare You To Move are their hit singles.You can youtube it if you’ve never heard of their songs.You will get used to it.

For more information please go to

 OK,here the tricky part.If you enter their contest for winning the tickets at, you will notice that the deadline of the contest is 31st February 2008 (Giving tickets after concert?Who wants it?)BTW the date is ridiculous lol!

Switchfoot Error

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Kid gets phone book instead of PS3 on Christmas

My thought : 

       Oh my gosh! My parents bought me a PS3 for USD499.99 (Why don’t they just put USD500? Is it looking cheaper? OH yeah it is… just like you’re paying 99 cent for low quality water instead of 1 dollar of high quality water.) for my Christmas!! It’s f**king awesome!! Ok… controllers,adapter,USB… phonebook? WTF? For playing prank call?? ARGH!!!!

Mission Accomplished! A PS3 (Phonebook) that can be torn.

 What a tragedy for Christmas… Phonebook for 499 bucks lol and he’s having hard time for listening his sisters singing karaoke.

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Learn to perform kiss

 Find yourself have no idea how to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend? Here’s the video. Don’t they get tired of doing the same things?? It’s just kissing variations and impress your mate to show you’re professional on these :P. Try to practise in front of mirror before you get into real scene 😉 Don’t let your family see it or else they think you need phychological treatment lol…

BTW is there bacteria infection for kissing too many times?

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What is RAP?

RAP = Retards Attempting Poetry

 LOL,I found it from somewhere.I wonder what’s the responses from the rapper…

 Ok let’s do a trick, go to and type google.What do you get?

Google!!What a brilliant and lame trick.

 Hope this made it your day. 🙂

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Definitions of COMMONLY used/misused hokkien words.

I get this from a blog when I’m searching for the true meaning of ‘tu lan’ as I’m one of the non-hokkien person. It’s worth to share with you people.

Sometimes,non-hokkien people attempt to use hokkien to increase their level of ‘cool-ness’ when they attempt to swear. But more often than not, they fail because they do not know how to put the word into a proper sentence, OR, it doesn’t sound the same when u use it in another language/dialect apart from hokkien. Just like what the Americans did to the original King’s English.

“kan keh”
direct translation – ‘fuck chicken’.
actual meaning – referring to someone who’s cynical and selfish, not willing to take even the slightest risk of anything.
eg: “Leh ma ler ! Ah Seng kau giak kan keh ah ..” [translation: “Your mother ! Ah Seng is damn timid !”]


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Merry Christmas!! Ops it’s over.

   Long time didn’t do blogging.I was too busy (and lazy) for blogging. I had Christmas party fell on Christmas Eve. Most of us are inexperience in BBQ,so we were messing with the items and got annoyed when something went wrong. I borrowed the pit by giving deposit of RM100 which I still haven’t taken the money right now.

   I declared to them that I won’t buy,cook and bla bla bla.Then I left everything to them to take care(I’m evil muahahahaha) but I found myself have to take care too many things during the moments… and ended up my house became messy(Yeah,because my friends don’t bother my house condition and they’re very bad in greeting aunty uncle…. they are making me pissed).

       There are chicken wings,hotdog,sausage and spaghetti for our nomination for the WORST food for the BBQ… The hotdogs were the best food from the worst foods I listed. The foods are taking many times to be grilled or maybe we don’t know how to grill it.  

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The movie : Enchanted

Yesterday,I went to watch the movie called Enchanted. The movie was… eww… Deja Vu story.It was like mixing of Disney’s fairy tales stories such as Snow White,Sleeping Beauty,Cinderella and bla bla bla (King Kong is an exception from fairy tales).Probably that’s why the movie was called ‘Enchanted’ as it enchants with elements from other stories.

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The 5 Most Embarrassing Ways to Die in an FPS

 Ever since Wolfenstein for the PC came out, we’ve been fragging and lagging in our favorite FPS games. Popularity of this unique genre has brought in new attention through annual tournaments and LAN Parties across the world. Where would PC gaming, or even console gaming, be without the First-Person Shooter? Humiliating opponents or yourself is hard to accomplish in most scenarios, but when done can give such a rewarding feeling to the gamer (or a broken keyboard if it happens to be you.) Shortly after that feeling, the words “LOL”, “PWNED”, or “SKEET SKEET SKEET” will usually appear on the screen, or be laughed through the microphone. I’ve come up with a list of ways that I, as a gamer, believe are some of the most devastating kills that embarrass gamers.


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Top 10 Most Hilarious Exam Answers!

Haha I bet this student got XXXXXXXXXXXXXtra credit LOL!


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