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Edison Chen sex scandal

     Nowaday, Hong Kong singer and actor Edison Chen has taken his popularity one step higher by his scandal photos (the 1st scandal I heard would be his nude photo in friendster, which had been deleted before I get into it. But nevermind, these new pictures are more valuable than those non-celebrity craps). Using V.K Lingam (Datuk Chua Sok Lek cannot rely,so he’s out) infamous phrase which is a formula for me 😛 “He looks like a playboy, acts like playboy, and 100% he is a playboy”. This is gonna be the highlight incident of this year, not even Olympic can surpass it.

The hero of the scandal is….. still have to guess?
        There are 3 heroins in the scandal, which are

Gillian Chung
1. Gillian Chung (notable for singer duo Twins, and also cried like your mum after being shot some nude photos during her 2006 concert in Malaysia, now she’s total nude! woohoo!) Click here for her crybaby interview in 2006. Twins band was destroyed by her action, no more children and teenagers would recognize them as cute idols, but a sex icon. What is her shameful act responds gonna be? Crying? Attempting suicide? Anymore creative?

Cecilia Chung

2. CeCilia Cheung (an infamous actress, who married to Nicholas Tse and had a baby)  I wonder how’s her husband gonna respond. For now, only the furnitures’ position in the photos looked identical with Edison’s Chen furnitures in his house. I can’t see where’s Edison in the photos..

Bobo Chan

3. Bobo Chan (she’s not as famous as the 2 celebrities above because she only starred in a very few drama series, the only drama series I watched was Aqua Heroes which is about swimming) She performed oral sex on Edison Chen!! I want it badly if I have a chance…. 😛 Joking!

Have you noticed all of the their surname 1st alphabet is C? It’s [C]oincidently…

Okay, they denied all the rumours (assume they’re like V.K Lingam “He looks like me, he sounds like me, but I’m not 100% sure if he is me” not like Chua Sok Lek “It’s me” =.= see what’s happened to him,resign…). But expert photographers stated that the photos were true (without photoshopped). Why would Edison take the videos of him doing sex with other celebrities? We all know he wanted to record it for his memorable moments with other celebrities. But now he’s in trouble, letting third party to get the photos and this’s gonna ruin his life (claimed that the guy who repaired his computer secretly stored the pictures). Since he’s in trouble, we can’t do anything but to search for his sex scandal photos.

 Click more below for his scandal photos with the celebrities stated above. Anyway I don’t recommend you to see these except you’re a pervert and now mouth watering. (Yeah I am 😀 , but I like sharing instead of it.) Don’t click the links if you feel guilty to your idols being caught nude in the photos. (At your own risk.)

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Learn to perform kiss

 Find yourself have no idea how to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend? Here’s the video. Don’t they get tired of doing the same things?? It’s just kissing variations and impress your mate to show you’re professional on these :P. Try to practise in front of mirror before you get into real scene 😉 Don’t let your family see it or else they think you need phychological treatment lol…

BTW is there bacteria infection for kissing too many times?

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2 girls 1 cup!

     There have been 2 girls 1 cup internet phenomenon lately,around mid Oct 2007 according to wikipedia.If you go to youtube and search 2 girls 1 cup,you would find out 2 girls 1 cup ‘REACTION’? Youtube can’t accept the actual video as it’s porn 😛 (Yeah,I watched it but who cares?) Their reactions are funny though,although it looks forcing and unreal.. So I think ‘Is that so disgusting?’ OK i tell you, it’s f**king disgusting and don’t ever eat popcorn and watch this porn for the 1st time in front of your computer. What you have eaten will be puked… Click more for my own experience,as it contains spoiler for 2 girls 1 cup,I hope you don’t have phobia :P.Don’t see it if you can’t stand of disgusting thing or have empty stomach.

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A wife is a sex object

Sexy wife

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