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2 girls 1 cup!

     There have been 2 girls 1 cup internet phenomenon lately,around mid Oct 2007 according to wikipedia.If you go to youtube and search 2 girls 1 cup,you would find out 2 girls 1 cup ‘REACTION’? Youtube can’t accept the actual video as it’s porn 😛 (Yeah,I watched it but who cares?) Their reactions are funny though,although it looks forcing and unreal.. So I think ‘Is that so disgusting?’ OK i tell you, it’s f**king disgusting and don’t ever eat popcorn and watch this porn for the 1st time in front of your computer. What you have eaten will be puked… Click more for my own experience,as it contains spoiler for 2 girls 1 cup,I hope you don’t have phobia :P.Don’t see it if you can’t stand of disgusting thing or have empty stomach.

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