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Just finished God of War II,no more worries~

    Aww… Half year ago,I played God of War II until Incarus wing was found and I stopped for the reason I’ve forgotten. One of my friends,she told me if I’ve played before… This makes me want to continue playing,but I don’t even remember the buttons for attack. =.=” I took a while to figure out again the controls of the killing machine Kratos.

    By the way,the puzzles are always hard (when you figured out something that is quite difficult,actually it turned out to be MORE DIFFICULT where you may not solve although you know the hint) which I always referred to the walkthrough by Berserker in GameFAQs to continue (I’m a loser lol).

          When you battle with boss,every boss has their unique weakness. (I’m so lazy to think long as it’s hard to find out their weaknesses,so I referred to walkthrough to know their weak points) Since they have unique weakness,of course they have unique way to death 😛 Kraken and Perseus should be the most shocking way to death~

         It’s said that Zeus has the power of god,how can he be defeated? Anyway it’s a game console,every boss controlled by AI seems to be stupid as they only attack certain place which is not flexible (but their action movement and GCs are damn good and flexible ,which I thought it would be ridiculous to be in reality).

Anyway this is the GCs where Zeus is finished off.(He’s still alive!God is looking to be alive,WTH….) Enjoy Zeus being tortured~


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