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My SPM result

After 1/2 year of hard work, it paid. Let’s recall. During trial I got 7A2 and 3A1 while in SPM, this is what I got.

SPM result

7A1 and 3A2! Is it a destiny with trial or what? I’m one of the 10,080 10As students and  6,277 straight As students.Although I’m not straight A1 students, I’m still proud of myself not ending with B in any subjects.

My monitor who got 10As in trials while ended up 6As in SPM. You can see the power of leaked questions in trial destroyed her. What a shame! My school teacher who thought my monitor was the school’s hope ended up so terrible. My coach in tuition center who looked down on me because of my lousy school ended up very nice to me. =.= Most of his selected students failed to get straight As in all subjects. I felt that it’s like a revenge on them lol…

Moral of the story : Don’t ever look down on the students in a not so well known school.


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