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Hayley Woo (Not the superstar)

        My niece Hayley Woo

    My sister has created a blog of his daughter and he gave me just now. So feel free to look the photos of the newborn baby if you are tired with the cute babies out there. 😛

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Kid gets phone book instead of PS3 on Christmas

My thought : 

       Oh my gosh! My parents bought me a PS3 for USD499.99 (Why don’t they just put USD500? Is it looking cheaper? OH yeah it is… just like you’re paying 99 cent for low quality water instead of 1 dollar of high quality water.) for my Christmas!! It’s f**king awesome!! Ok… controllers,adapter,USB… phonebook? WTF? For playing prank call?? ARGH!!!!

Mission Accomplished! A PS3 (Phonebook) that can be torn.

 What a tragedy for Christmas… Phonebook for 499 bucks lol and he’s having hard time for listening his sisters singing karaoke.

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Ikea Employee Job Test

Lol,this is funny! and also it can determine your skill!


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What you don’t expect to see in meals on AirAsia

One of the thing we always expect when we are on a plane is their meal. It’s interesting to find different types of meals being served on different airlines. Let’s check out a few of those… and be prepared for surprises!

Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways. Not bad, looks kinda delicious although I haven’t try that myself.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines. This has to been good as all their cooks are flown in specially from Saudi Arabia!

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Mail behind BobbySecretMail…

Hello to anyone who enters my blog.Feel free to wander around. 🙂 What is inside the secretmail? We will soon find out~

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