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Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips

   After I read the Safe Baby Handling Tips, I found another tips which is Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips. Because the sources are limited, I recommend you to buy this book (this is not an ad) from Amazon or nearest bookstore. Hope this has made you a day. (via)

Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips

Click more for the tips. 😀

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Meet The Spartan Trailer

A spin-off movie of 300. They even protrayed Stomp The Yard, one of the spartan does air flair and breaks his when doing headspin. Even Nicole Parker protrays Britney Spears as a baby addict (because Kevin Federline won the child custody during the court battle) and being kicked into a hole . It’s so damn hilarious. I think I will go to watch this movie soon, and it’s also current US Box-office number 1, beating Rambo starring by 61 years old Sylvester Stallone (who wants to see old man’s six pack?).

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JJ and Rudy – I Got It From My Mamak

   This is a parody of Will.I.Am – ”I got it from my mama” from Malaysia Morning Crew, JJ and Rudy. They’re not singers,just DJs who like to do parody on other songs for fun. Don’t blame me if their singing sucks. For your information, they also did some parody like Doncha (Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha) and We’re not so furious (Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift theme song)

Lyrics (Long like hell….),click below for the lyrics.

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Safe Baby Handling Tips

  If you don’t know how to take care a baby, you will find a babysitter. But who wants to waste cash for taking care the baby? If you know these important tips, there will be no problem for you to take care of your baby. If you’re interested with these tips and don’t have any common senses for taking care of babies, you can purchase this book entitled Safe Baby Handling Tips from Amazon. I think these tips are good for my sister for taking care of her daughter. 😛



Dad’s milk? Yummy! (Only if he can produce milk)

Click for more baby handling tips. (via)

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Bobby Fischer has been Checkmated….


     Why Bobby? Not because he shared a same name with me. If you’re a chess addict, I’m sure you would know who is this guy. He is one of the most famous chess prodigy (get into professional in young age) in the world and the only American ever to become World Chess Champion by defeating Boris Spassky in 1972. I just know he has died not long after I received the newsletter from Chad Kimball as I subscribe him. The content was written ”Do you know Bobby Fischer died at age 64?”, and I straight away searched wikipedia about him. What I found is…. he has been CHECKMATED just like what the message said.

     He had been contributing to chess society for decades…. chess 960, chess variations, beautiful Game of the Century against Donald Bryne (It’s only my opinion), Searching for Bobby Fischer (a movie that actually has nothing to do with his name :P) and a lot more. He was known as early queen sacrifice to gain victory. Here is one of the example, you can see how early he sacrifices his queen. ( Donald Bryne made some weak moves, but who cares? It’s still Game of the Century.)

     He made his legacy, went away for decades after the World Champion title was stripped. He made himself like an ascetic when he made it back to media a few years ago. I never thought a World Champion would end himself like that. This picture looks more like Bobby FISHERman.

This is the interview by Garry Kasparov about his life before death. Just like a tribute video of Bobby Fischer.

I don’t know him well, nor he does.Anyway RIP Bobby Fischer. 1943 – 2008

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Hayley Woo (Not the superstar)

        My niece Hayley Woo

    My sister has created a blog of his daughter and he gave me just now. So feel free to look the photos of the newborn baby if you are tired with the cute babies out there. 😛

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Renaldo Lapuz – We’re Brothers Forever

   A funny audition from American Idol 7th Season.Renaldo Lapuz a.k.a Birdman, 45 years old pinoy 😛 sings a song entitled “We’re Brothers Forever” and his idol is Simon Cowell [WTH…. he said that Simon gives chances (bad comments) to many retarded free of charge,I think he got it too].  The two judges made some funny footages to impress Simon Cowell. Randy invited Ryan Seacrest for the support and even Paula went on dancing on the floor with this country song (Country Dance?). XD  It’s soooooo funny and I bet this guy is gonna be the next William Hung!! The 2nd Asian accent to be hit on American Idol audition for ‘certain reason’. Make Asian proud once again!!

We’re Brothers Forever by Renaldo Lapuz
“I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs
The music that you like
We’re brothers til the end of time
Together forever til the end of time
I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs
The music that you like
We’re brothers til the end of time
Together or not, you’re always in my heart
Your hurting feelings
Will reign no more.”

Now he even inspires some jokers in Youtube to make their debut under him.

    Now there’s an official website for him not long after the audition. They’re so smart to create a website under his name to get extra fresh cash. Click here to redirect to his website (or fansite) and fox news interview here. The reporter said ”You sang so good” (‘owh….’ sounds can be heard) and he is SINGLE! I think he’s looking for ‘brother’ love right now.

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What a tulan day….

     Nowadays,my internet has got a very slow connection thanks to streamyx… Even if I’m online,I just can’t load the video from youtube, java flash, certain pages and even lost connection when signing for MSN.Crap…. Let’s support Streamyx sucks! Here is the link for the anti-Streamyx by TmNut.

Streamyx Sucks

Not only this tulan,I have been busy for the opening dance on Saturday and Sunday, which they called the nights as “Malam Mesra” (Intimate Night? Don’t get me wrong 😛 It’s just a theme) from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. You can watch our ‘not so good’ performances at here and images posted by a performer named Kacuak a.k.a Kacak. There are 14 parts which only a few parts are about my group’s performances and others just memories for my group’s members (or craps to symbolize correctly :D).
My head started to get dizzy on Sunday during rehearsal and my body was getting cold at night after the performance. Then I got fever on next day and I went to see doctor at night…. DAMN! Not only that,my keys accidently dropped into the lift’s gap when I was going to school on Monday. What can I say anymore?

1. TmNut internet connection was damn slow. I cannot do anything without it.
2. I lost my keys looking at it dropped into the lift’s gap.
3. I got fever and felt my head was heavy. Teacher would think I’m playing truant as my schoolmates like to play truant.

4. I cannot blog when the connection has gotten slow.
5. I cannot watch youtube when the connection has gotten slow.

 Anyway,I’m luckier than kennysia when he’s competing at Deal or No Deal a.k.a Diu or No Diu.He used RM500 to fly over from Kuching to KL and he won a patheticly sum of money that is lesser than his flight price. XD

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BOTY 2007 Extreme and Turn Phase Crew showcase

    Last year BOTY 2007 showcases by winner (Extreme Crew from Korea) and 1st runner (Turn Phase Crew from Japan,and also won the best show). It’s marvelous,but Extreme crew made a little mistakes caused them failed to obtain the best show. The best quality show in youtube so far.

 Edited : I found the owner has removed the videos….

 But still there’s some people managed to download the video before it was removed. Turn Phase or Phrase Crew showcase was found but not in DVD quality, better than nothing.

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Is that your singing voice?

       Back to some times,I heard myself singing isn’t that bad,until I heard the echo sound from the phone during my conversation with my friend. I told my friend “Is that my voice? or it’s third party person talking to us?” I can’t believe it’s my voice,sounds bad.

        Later,I tried on with sound recorder to hear my actual voice,and I replay it.I was like WTF!!! It sounds so awful!! It is like you hear your voice sounded like Ricky Martin,but when you hear from sound recorder,it sounds like William Hung. That’s why so many people are daring to join singing competition without hesistation and we get so many chances to laugh. Don’t blame it on the sound recorder quality,they are innocent,the problem is YOU!


He’s the Puerto Rican legend singer,Ricky Martin who sings “She Bangs” and inspires many wannabe.


He is the pathetic guy who gets inspired by Ricky Martin,William Hung by singing She Bangs and went famous notable for his attitude and ***** (look for the tag) voice.

    I also found something interesting at here,the recording sound that you hear is what we hear, what a tragedy… That means you would end up yourself like William Hung if you try to go to American Idol competition without hearing your recording voice and your papa mama would be ashamed of you. Therefore,it would be one in a billion if you have voice like Mariah Carey and ability to whistle (of course,it’s when we hear it),if you think your voice sounds like Mariah Carey but it’s vice versa,Simon Cowell will screw you and make you cry like a little baby in front of the audition. Beware!
       That’s why singing lesson would be a good way to improve your vocal. Try to record your singing with high quality recorder such as recording studio. After you know your ‘real’ vocal (you can blame your genetic after you know how bad it is),practise and practise until you’re satisfied with your voice. Anyway,voice is not really matter,don’t bother what they say about you,just be original. You will get to discover your natural talent if you’re able to search it.

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