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Bobby Fischer has been Checkmated….


     Why Bobby? Not because he shared a same name with me. If you’re a chess addict, I’m sure you would know who is this guy. He is one of the most famous chess prodigy (get into professional in young age) in the world and the only American ever to become World Chess Champion by defeating Boris Spassky in 1972. I just know he has died not long after I received the newsletter from Chad Kimball as I subscribe him. The content was written ”Do you know Bobby Fischer died at age 64?”, and I straight away searched wikipedia about him. What I found is…. he has been CHECKMATED just like what the message said.

     He had been contributing to chess society for decades…. chess 960, chess variations, beautiful Game of the Century against Donald Bryne (It’s only my opinion), Searching for Bobby Fischer (a movie that actually has nothing to do with his name :P) and a lot more. He was known as early queen sacrifice to gain victory. Here is one of the example, you can see how early he sacrifices his queen. ( Donald Bryne made some weak moves, but who cares? It’s still Game of the Century.)

     He made his legacy, went away for decades after the World Champion title was stripped. He made himself like an ascetic when he made it back to media a few years ago. I never thought a World Champion would end himself like that. This picture looks more like Bobby FISHERman.

This is the interview by Garry Kasparov about his life before death. Just like a tribute video of Bobby Fischer.

I don’t know him well, nor he does.Anyway RIP Bobby Fischer. 1943 – 2008


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