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Something bad happened…

torrent is one of my favourite torrent site for searching porn stuffs. Now it’s down… PERMANENTLY!!! FOREVER!!! NO MORE!!! IT’S DEAD!!! Oh my dear, how can this be? It’s pathetic that torrent sites provide links for downloading illegal stuffs while getting only complains from users. They’re filling multiple lawsuits and can’t take it anymore, so they detonate the bomb. BOOM!!! R.I.P Torrentspy…

P.S : is just one of the hundred torrent sites. It’s not yet end of the torrent world.

    Overall the intervention test was awful, but I wasn’t trying to do well. My friends and I got the ‘Tips’ (actually the identical exam papers) from other students who had done the tests. I was having difficulties even with the ‘Tips’ (I didn’t read according to the tips, I went to sleep haha…). I don’t treat it seriously and I was discussing with my friends during exam. For me, ‘tips’ is cheating because you already know what is coming out and which to study. Why think you’re smart if you have the tips?

     After my intervention test was over, I’ve gotten sickness ( I kept sneezing and throat sore after that). It sucks and the mucus is sucker while the phlegm is the suckest of all. Is there anyone caring about my sickness? No one was asking if I was feeling well when I was sneezing continuously, they only responded after I’ve told my condition. Some of them like “Uh huh…” Screw this!! How am I going to call them as ‘friends’?

    Thanks to Sim, I finally realised that “Never go for movies with Sim anymore when you’re not feeling well”. Sickness halts my process for doing other things, and I can’t blame her because it was my decision. The movie ‘Awake‘ is the worst movie I’ve ever watched. The storyline is so predictable and boring. It was like wasting RM7 ticket for watching Hayden and Jessica kissing scenes. One thing for sure, Jessica is still irresistible!

    Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love is currently on the top spot at US Billboard chart, another history is made for British. Before that, the song was on the peak at UK Singles Chart and preventing Take That’s Rule The World from advancing a spot. I was like shocked that Take That failed to peak the UK Singles Chart with new singles because most of their previous singles topped the chart easily. Now Bleeding Love is very successful worldwide. Rule The World? Forget it.

    I’ve discovered something cool and hilarious from the spoof of Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia. It’s mostly Malaysia’s issues and some of the informations are actually true, E.g : Samy Velu did say ‘Orang muda sekarang suka menghisap dada’. I can’t believe Malaysian out there is so creative, respect to the contributors. If you’re Malaysian, click here,here and here. You will laugh like there is no tomorrow.


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001. Name: Bobby
002. Nickname: BobbySecretMail
003. Married: nope, still a virgin
004. Male or female: male
005. High school: SMKM
008. College: few more years.. wait arrr
010. Short or long hair: quite short
015. Are you a healthy freak: not really
016. Height: 165cm
017. Do you have a crush on someone: yeah
018. Do you like yourself: sometimes
019. Piercings: No way…
021. Righty or lefty: righty, follow majority

022. Surgery: 14 years ago, foot accident
023. Piercing: not answering for 2nd time
024. Person you see in the morning: my dad (waking me up), in order to sacrifice for TKD performance, getting 3 certs and a voucher at school. (I’m so busy lol…)
025. Award: Kindergarten for ‘run n jump over thread’ (I forget) competition
026. Sport you join: Taekwondo n swimming
027. Pet: Probably the pathetic gold fish
028. Vacation: Forgot…
029. Concert: Harlem Yu’s concert at Genting 8 years ago.
030. Crush: haha… Form 2

049. Eat: air
050 Drink: water
052. I’m about to: pee
058. Want kids: Not yet…
059. Want to get married: Not this time…
060. Careers in mind: IT
068. Lips or eyes: Eyes
069. Hugs or kisses: both
070. Shorter or taller: shorter
072. Romantic or spontaneous: both
074. Sensitive or loud: both
075. Trouble maker or hesitant: neither
078. Kissed a stranger: nope
079. Drank bubbles: nope
080. Lost glasses/contacts: nope, because I found it!
081. Ran away from home: never… walk, yeah..
082. Liked someone younger: yeah, flirting xiao mei mei (JK)
083. Liked someone older: nooo…. not even a day…
084. Broken someone’s heart: Yeah…
085. Been arrested: Never
087. Cried when someone died: tried but failed

Do you believe in..
089. Yourself: Depends
090. Miracles: Kinda..
092. Heaven: Not really
093. Santa Claus: I’ve never gotten any present from him.
095. Magics: Magic tricks, yeah.
096. Angels: Nabi Muhammad’s Djibril? Must be a joke…

Answer Truthfully..
097. Is there one person you want to be right now: Of course…
099. Do you believe in God: Not sure..

100.Tag 5 people: Ta Huei, Yi Zhong, Peggie, Sabrina and you.

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NoOo…. Exam and exam

    Wow… I didn’t blog for a while because of SPM intervention, but I read others’ blogs frequently XD. Today I have a holiday in between exam, so relieved. 😛 But still exam goes on next day. 

    Okay, I’m 17 year old and will be sitting for SPM. Government (BN who lost patheticly and failed to achieve two-third majority during election a.k.a ERECTION) is giving out intervention test for PMR and SPM, obviously nobody likes it. See this mathematic’s question and I’m sure you will criticise Malaysia standard.


Wow… this is SPM standard, am I dreaming?

I can’t deny this is ‘kindergarten standard’ and your papa mama will be ashamed of you if you fail to answer this unless you don’t have common sense. By the way, I don’t understand why other subjects are absolutely vice versa with this one. Why are we having exams?

What is exam?
(Based on Wikipedia) A test or an examination (or “exam”) is an assessment, often administered on paper or on the computer, intended to measure the test-takers’ or respondents’ (often a student) knowledge, skills, aptitudes, or classification in many other topics (e.g., beliefs).

What is Malaysia’s exam?
A way to get better jobs, you can forget all the craps you’ve learnt in school after you get all credits for SPM because you won’t use it in daily life. It’s more on memorising than thinking smart. Therefore, who gets good results in exam doesn’t mean they’re smart, they’re ‘memoriser’ and they become ‘brainy nerd’ at the end. Besides that, only certain questions will be asked during exam. You’re lucky bastard if you read the right chapters.

    Although most of the Malaysians are criticising Malaysia’s education system is very lousy and easy, how is it possible most of the teenagers can’t complete their studies until Form 5? I was shocked when I heard approximately one hundred thousand (1/10 million.. wow) of teenagers can’t pursue their studies until SPM every year.

    Most of them who completed SPM with flying colours would pursue their studies at foreign university. I personally think that “If you have potential, no matter where you will be doing fine”. Furthermore, local university will save your parents’ money because of government’s support.

By the way, if you think foreign studies will make you proud and smart, you are wrong! I saw a post at Vincent’s blog entitled ‘Americans are NOT STUPID’.America is considered as the richest country and one of the most powerful country in the world. This shows dummies can be found at any country. Next time Malaysian will make a video entitled “Malaysians are STUPID!”. Nah just kidding (It’s possible).

Spoof of ‘Americans are not stupid’, British version.

How many colours in a 4 coloured paper? Omg this is so retarded, a legendary question.

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Ken Lee (Tulibu dibu douchoo)

 Businessman Ken Lee? Oh yeah, he’s Ken Lee, but he is not what I’m talking about.

 I’m talking about a Bulgarian who sings Mariah Carey’s ‘Ken Lee’ (what she said) a.k.a Can’t Live at Music Idol (similar to Pop Idol). Anyway the original title song is ‘Without You’. I found this from and it really made me laughing like hell. So I made up my mind to blog about this.

She translated the whole lyrics into unknown language. Brilliant!!

When the girl judge asked if it’s called ‘Without You’ and she said “No”. The judge was pissed when she said the song was in… English? O________O. What inspires ‘Ken Lee’?
1. Was she choosing/hearing songs without knowing the title of the songs?
2. She was buying pirated CD and was it entitled Ken Lee?
3. Or just a simple guess to know the title of the song by hearing it. It makes sense but not every song is using the most catchy and used part. Like Don McLean’s Vincent which I misunderstood the title of the song as ‘Starry Starry Night’ (most of us do)

Anyway she became a legend and this word ‘Ken Lee’ is booming at most of the videos’ comment section of Mariah Carey’s Without You.

The original version from Mariah Carey. I can hear the word ‘Ken Lee’!! Yay!!

I can’t believe she made it into music idol’s stage (I think she was given a 2nd chance). She sang her song once again with better English, but still ‘tulibu dibu douchoo’. 😀

One thing for sure, this is going to be a hit cover version along with “Renaldo Lapuz’s We’re Brothers” this year.

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Random blogging

   Okay,my sis had told my parents that I did blog about their shameful acts and she didn’t tell them about my real thought, only the bad thought. Now my mum was angry because of that, ‘whole world’ (what an ancient thought) would know this if I blog about it. Actually she is just fine if nobody reads my posts. Hahaha…. anyway it was my revenge on how she made fun of me at my relatives. No one will say their own shameful things and think it’s essential to joke on other people. Well that’s what humans are made of.

    Today was quite boring, but I always don’t obey what I should do. So I just kept watching over and over old videos captured from my phone and inside my hard disk (refresh my memories with useless videos). Later, Streamyx a.k.a Screamyx a.k.a Worst Internet Broadband you will ever find was temporary down and I can’t connect it. I was chatting with my friends via MSN at that time and…. WTF? Down? Duh, I had waited for a few hours and it was up again! Yay!! (Pretending to be stupid)

    I was finding videos about handstand balancing as I still can’t balance my handstand very well, but instead I had found something hilarious. Here it is!

    This guy is no doubt as stupid as everyone thinks so. He’s still alive, so darn lcuky. But his pains have some payoff as he makes his appearance on G4Tv. Is it worth for being on TV to show how stupid you are? I don’t think so.

   Now I can do a decent front handspring, so I think now I can go for front flip. I was finding for reliable tutorial, but instead I found a funny video of Dave teaching how to do front flip.

    Requirement : Two Legs (“Oh yeah, I have two legs!” Like it’s something unusual for him. He added “My mum is in wheelchair.” Owh, I’m sorry to hear that… Is he kidding or what? Then he said “My mum can do but my dad can’t” WTH? She’s not lame after all.)

And I found his backflip tutorial was posted a lot earlier than front flip. Oh my god! Hoping for getting gainer.

    By the way, his tutorials are making me more afraid of doing these tricks than encouraging me.

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Back to the action

   OMG Over a week I read other blogs and quite lazy to blog. I felt more interesting reading other blogs than blogging. On Malaysia 12th election, BN (government cabinet) seemed to lose badly and probably the worst election ever. They even failed to achieve two third majority and lost 5 states to Opposition. What can I say? It’s a great impact to BN’s election in Malaysia history, may even change Malaysia to new era (probably worsen although it’s now bad). I’m not into politics, but I kinda like to know the polling results.

Youth 4 Change(anti-BN) has posted some interesting videos on Youtube for not supporting BN. This is one of their videos, it’s so hilarious and interesting. Subscribe them!

This year, Pak Lah has won with a disappointed result of 11000 majority voters compared to 2004 of 18000 majority voters. This clearly shows he’s losing supports from Rakyat. Just after the result revealed,Tun Mahathir took this opportunity and asked him to step down.

Khairy is son-in-law of Pak Lah, he has been said that Malaysia Government is ruled under him. How can he be so powerful although he wasn’t taking any minister seat? Rakyat are so pathetic to know nothing about government’s truth. He is one of the candidate for this election and lost patheticly. Here is an article from MalaysiaKini of Mahathir’s comments about his defeat.

Bloggers are liar? What about government? Below video entitled 1999 Mahathir Bohong, 2004 Pak Lah Bohong dan 2008 Khairy Bohong, the director is making fun of them by using the catchphrase play-play and infamous Pak Lah sleeping. What’s the conclusion? Who doesn’t lie is a liar!

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What a day….

   Today I represent school for chess competition at KL Pudu Zone in a team (4 candidates). It’s my 1st time I play chess against other school’s chess players and I was damn nervous. Although the standard isn’t as good as other countries and there’s no real chess prodigy, it still makes my heart beat so fast for each match because I’m inexperienced. During my 1st round against a nerd from Sri Garden who’s attitude is very bad, he was playing with time clock. Due to poor performance,I lost my 1st round. My teacher even said he threw the chess pieces when he lost at next round.

   2nd round against Seri Bintang Selatan, I have done some opening blunder but I was able to recover after he tried to avoid my mate. He thought until the time was running out, he tried to checkmate but he failed and I kept putting pressure by moving fast to make his time moves. He can’t think anymore and let me mate it. So I won the 2nd round. 3rd round against Taman Connaught, I kept pushing my pawn to h3 for Queen to mate the castled King at the endgame. He didn’t see that my rook is supporting my queen for checkmate. So I won this match easily.

    4th round against Cochrane Perkasa, I can’t believe I lost this round because I was up a Queen and it was a sure win. I was so regretful for not sacrificing my damn Queen for Rook and the damn f2 pawn caused me a mate. I shall not make this blunder anymore…. 😦

    Overall my team scored 5 marks (with the help of so-called-chess-prodigy Sureen, he scored 3 marks). My brain hurts and my heart beats so hard, I think I’m going to have chess phobia soon lol…. There are still competitions for Wednesday and Thursday. =.= Although it’s just for fun, but it’s my last and only year to represent school. :S

   Later I rushed back to school for Sukantara. I easily got my 1st time full scores in 4 activities (2 marks for each successful attempt) for Blue Team. After that, my friends are b-boying at school and I opened some breakbeat songs.

   Now I have my 1st LCD monitor along with the 2 big and problematic monitors (one can’t see the dark image and one more has screen problem). 17 inches,brand of Acer. 🙂


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It’s been a while, but Edison Chen still has troubles


    After he apologised to public, the scandalism is going down gradually, very down… Even Kira disappeared like he doesn’t exist anymore, maybe he has gotten caught or he is very afraid to reveal himself. But still there’s certain statements that are going to provoke this scandal.


Sources from TheBlemish

Sudden Weekly

The Edison Chen scandal has yet to die down as police have uncovered more photos of four starlets in Edison’s personal collection. For whatever reason, they gave hints as to who else was implicated in this mess. Earlier, people suspected Shu Qi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang and Jill Vidal as the girls. However, a recently published magazine claims to know who the women are and emphasize that if their names were to be released, Edison Chen may suffer greatly and even face death. Coolsmurf says:

On the left… Ten of them shows her wearing her undergarments in a hotel room in different poses. The other 20 photos sees her and another guy together and their actions are linked, possibly screencaps from a video. This female star is reportedly a very beautiful woman possibly in this world. She was very active in her early days in the movie world and had lots of scandals with many stars. Netizens speculate it could be Christy Chung.

On the right… is nearing 40 years old. She has appeared in movies over the past 20 years but is gradually moving towards a career in the financial world. Her photos are mostly taken in a hotel and has many close-ups and is quite “racy”. The photos aren’t very clear though and are likely to come from a video. Widely speculated to be Carina Lau.

This guy managed to trick a lot of stars into doing amateur porn. The closest I’ve ever gotten to filming a girl in bed was when my neighbors forgot to close their blinds. That is to say, Edison Chen may have took a plane and got the hell out of Hong Kong, but he has forever landed in my heart.


Based on the photo that is speculated to be Carina Lau, this picture is sooo WTF!!

and also a leaked picture of Ella Koon, click here for the picture.


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