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Meet The Spartan Trailer

A spin-off movie of 300. They even protrayed Stomp The Yard, one of the spartan does air flair and breaks his when doing headspin. Even Nicole Parker protrays Britney Spears as a baby addict (because Kevin Federline won the child custody during the court battle) and being kicked into a hole . It’s so damn hilarious. I think I will go to watch this movie soon, and it’s also current US Box-office number 1, beating Rambo starring by 61 years old Sylvester Stallone (who wants to see old man’s six pack?).


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The movie : Enchanted

Yesterday,I went to watch the movie called Enchanted. The movie was… eww… Deja Vu story.It was like mixing of Disney’s fairy tales stories such as Snow White,Sleeping Beauty,Cinderella and bla bla bla (King Kong is an exception from fairy tales).Probably that’s why the movie was called ‘Enchanted’ as it enchants with elements from other stories.

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