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My SPM result

After 1/2 year of hard work, it paid. Let’s recall. During trial I got 7A2 and 3A1 while in SPM, this is what I got.

SPM result

7A1 and 3A2! Is it a destiny with trial or what? I’m one of the 10,080 10As students and  6,277 straight As students.Although I’m not straight A1 students, I’m still proud of myself not ending with B in any subjects.

My monitor who got 10As in trials while ended up 6As in SPM. You can see the power of leaked questions in trial destroyed her. What a shame! My school teacher who thought my monitor was the school’s hope ended up so terrible. My coach in tuition center who looked down on me because of my lousy school ended up very nice to me. =.= Most of his selected students failed to get straight As in all subjects. I felt that it’s like a revenge on them lol…

Moral of the story : Don’t ever look down on the students in a not so well known school.

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Sien tou ar =.=

Now I’m a post-spm student. It’s already over =\ Still I don’t miss my school very much lol…. There’s no graduation day for students which made it non-memorable school. Anyway, objective to get out from this school has accomplished! My list throughout the next year.

1) Waiting for SPM result

2) Going to PLKN, just fucking unbelievable that I got 3rd batch. -.- Any batch actually is same, isn’t it?

1st batch

Pro = can go back during chinese new year and won’t clash with college intake. It’s the earliest batch thus, the facilities are always the best. Furthermore, you can get SPM result just after you get back from PLKN. It’s better than fooling around with friends during holiday.

Con= Most students don’t have complete preparation for 1st batch, furthermore there are like mices for food poisoning and cases such as raping lol 😉

2nd batch

Pro = allow to go for ONLY a month if college intake is around the corner. Obtained SPM slip and able to show off at PLKN when the result is flying colours.

Con = After SPM, sure students like to apply this and that for intake. They would have insufficient time to do so. It also causes the May intake for college cannot be done if they want to enjoy PLKN.

3rd batch

Pro = most people are those who weren’t chosen for PLKN and working adults. Therefore you may ask their experiences for the courses in Uni or College. You may postpone as you pursue your studies at local U or college (still you have to go after graduated).

Con= you waste a year for college intake as it will clash with with your study course. Infrastructures are used by 1st and 2nd batchs. So you know how lousy it would be -.-

Contrary to the popular belief, students are chosen randomly for PLKN. I don’t think authorties know the students attitude by knowing their schools. Because? Malai-ren mah…

Now I’m obsessed with Street Fighter. I kept playing on MAME and download Street Fighter 2 and 3. Still Marvel vs Capcom is the best game to be played on computer’s keyboard.

Kristin Kreuk will be staring Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li. Gamers know Chun Li is the sex symbol character since SF2.

Later, I found Street Fighter : The Later Years on College Humour. It’s so damn hilarious yet interesting directed by them. It can be found at CollegeHumour[dot]com.

Okay, there’s heavy rain now. Gotta off computer.

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SPM last day tomorrow =)

Okay, the papers I had done were fine. Just Morale studies was a little disappointed. =/ Then paper 3 for all science subjects, were a little risky because creativity had led me to do my ‘own’ experiments. Anyway, 75% A1 99% also A1, of course get the marks just over the border since less effort is need.

BM – quite fine, paper 1 section B 3 pages only enough? Their target didn’t kena while Paper 2 target komsas came out as told. The shit Andrew Choo, ini kena itu kena, kena your head la. You gave so much notes, of course kena a bit la. Where’s the 100% kena tips? Later you will kena ISA.

BI  – same as BM, while continuous writing only wrote 2 pages. I didn’t count because the time was limited. =/ Anyway, I never train myself to write lengthly essay because it’s unnecessary. =) Btw got KBKK questions.

i)  What is your wish? (I don’t remember but something like that)

ii)  Why do you think so?

Aiya… so tough. I never thought of this question coming out. 😛

Sejarah – paper 1 kinda tough, I circled 15 answers that were unsure. After checked, 70% of the smart guess was correct =), thus it’s 35/40. Then paper 2 was the best part, many KBKK questions. Arab Jahiliah…. what you think about this society then you can answer it eg. mencuri, merampas, minum arak, tanam bayi etc etc….I can write so much till I dropped despite tension of English paper 1. I should not have read so many craps since it’s different from previous year.

Maths – paper 1 I felt like so stress during exam, unknown reason, anyway 35/40 =(. I wrote the submission for paper 2 in Malaysia Student’s blog, how can I not know how to do it. =P Anyway my target for set came out as told. Why depend on those stupid seminar since I also can target it?

Add Math – paper 1 I went panic during exam because I was late to start the exam. Actually it’s quite easy but I don’t know how to do question 1 and 25 lol… Just kidding. Paper 2 was kinda ‘tulan’ because came out tangene in trigonometry. I used half session for section A, I was so panic and wanna give up as I hadn’t done other sections. Then I speed 10 minutes on section C and an hour on section B. This was my first time thiking section B kinda simple to do and answers were really make sense.

Moral – Arghh….. forget it. After brain teasing add math, who is going to do well in moral?

Chemistry – The best out of 3 subjects. Paper 1 i did quite sum of careless, then 44/50. Paper 2 I did very smooth in every question. Later in paper 3 I was like WTH…

Biology – Argh… one word, TOUGH. Paper 1 was okay for me, 45/50. Paper 2 has many questions made me tilting my head, hope to hit the scheme answers. Paper 3 was the worst! The total area with uneven shades, how to find?? Using the thread given to tie the paper? You must be kidding.

Physics – Better than Biology, Paper 1 is toughest out of 3, anyway still got 45/50. Why all papers’ mistakes also nearly same? Wrong around 5 and 6. -.- I hope EST would be better. Paper 2 was kinda easy as I didn’t find difficultly in section B which was my worst part but paper 3… still tough for me. Arghh….

Hope tomorrow would be better. LAST DAY OF THE EXAM!!! Hope paper 2 can get 30/30 =) and paper 1 section B that can be put many scientific terms.

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SPM fever

After a few days of suffer, torture… it had finally ended… for 1st week only. =/ BM and BI were quite okay for me. Their spotted short stories came out as they were to, but not essay. Just wonder how Mr./Mrs. 1119 will mark my essay. Sejarah was quite hard in paper 1, after checked only 35/40 correct. >.< Paper 2 was a piece of ‘cheese’. Maths? no comment. =P waiting to blow add maths and moral now.

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Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why its called the present.

I found a nice…. what is it? Whatever 😛

To realise the value of one year, ask a student who failed a grade.
To realise the value of one month, ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.
To realise the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realise the value of one hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To realise the value of one minute, ask a person who just missed a train.
To realise the value of one second, ask someone who just avoided an accident.
To realise the value of one millisecond, ask the person who won a silver medal at the olympics.

Time and tide wait for no man. There are only 16 hours left for SPM. All the best to SPM candidates!

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Refine my result

Today I got my bio and phy results. It’s ok for bio since I lost nearly all marks in inheritance question by careless mistake. Then, I got wrong in the organelles’ question lol… I believe it’s to tell me don’t get too excited when you get the paper.
While, physics I got many careless mistakes in paper 1. Even some questions that were done before I got it wrong suddenly. Impromptu essay parts are also troublesome. -.- Even structure questions I got these wrong. Therefore, it’s time to refine my physics.

Well,Straight A2 is still straight As, right? Then I shall upgrade it to pure A1. 😛

Left about 30 days, my hell time has come

Well, now what needed to concentrate more on are…

-BM (Essay and Antology since I fucked up last time not long ago due to racist essay) 2 days

-BI (Novel and Essay since I have no idea to get it higher) 3 days

-Phy (refine the basics and paper 3) 2 days

-Sej (memorise?) lol 1 week

Unnecessary but important to get them prepared well before exam
-Math (Do section B then section A and write more craps)

-Add Math (Be careful and do more question) 1 day

-Moral (Memorize 2 morale values for each bidang and ‘sure coming out’ morale values) 2 days before exam

-Chem (remember the important formula and other things and paper 3 answering technique) 1 day

-Bio (memorise some important name and do well in paper 3 answering technique) 3 days

-EST (gather more scientific name and keyword, then memorise it as each carries a mark. Also be prepared to remember scientific report technique) 2 days

Total days = 23 days and 7 days for leisure XD Each day 2 hours or more

May update my performance 🙂 I like planning XD
Swimming – Monday and Friday/Saturday
Taekwondo – Wednesday

Going to other tuition centre for tips too 🙂 If anyone wanna share together, please comment below.

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Trial paper results

I got my result back.  Some papers are so unfortunate, like BM and Moral. My BM paper’s marks declined because of the essay part. I wrote racist sentences about Ahmad Ismail. 😛 It’s all my opinion and that had caused a tragedy to the score. While moral is because of the ‘kami’ word that should be put ‘masyarakat’ according to the question. -.- All of these troubles happened because of essay questions. Now I realize we must praise government in order to get high marks. Criticize and your BM will be over. 😦

No opinion for English as my marks are constant everytime. Math is not that upset but not too bad either. Just made some careless mistakes and my teacher took the math’s marking scheme as the holy bible. Anything beyond the marking scheme is considered wrong. O.o

EST is like ROFL? because my marks are quite satisfied in paper 1. The answers for paper 2 were leaked at the last minute but didn’t fully memorize because I was chatting with my teacher at that time. XD

Add Math, they said that my monitor is so-called highest. Ok ok… I am okay with that. She even told me she’s the highest in front of me, so ego huh… =.= Actually I already knew the marks before she asked me, I’m higher than hers. 🙂 I was smiling when she told me she’s higher than me. Her streak ends here. If my score added with project marks I can get A1 while she’s still A2. Well, I’m proud of my performance in Add Math.

Well, all the papers are leaked but I didn’t take the tips seriously. Ended up damaging some papers.

The paper leaked like crazy below

Sejarah… it’s impossible to score full marks without having tips. Whole class had the so-called tips, so it’s win-win situations. It only matters if you can memorise or not. Well, I memorized and added with some creativity. There are some students who even cheated during exam. XD It’s better to cheat before exam than during exam.

Chem… I got the paper today. It’s higher than my expectation. It really creates a gap. 😛 Anyway, I did work for it. I did memorise the compulsory things for the exam. It’s because I saw my friends got the tips but did not so well.

Now waiting for Physics and Biology. Now I’m looking for Physics’ marks. If I can get A for this subject, then streak As will be in my hand. The only thing concerned is I have to maintain the grades. It won’t be hard at all after several preparations. 🙂 I’m collecting trial paper from other states, waiting for 30 days interval before SPM to start another intensive. Also trying to go to seminar from other tuition centres to gather tips for SPM and sharing with each other the tips.

The Do list

1) Do trial papers with scheme for the correct answers. Forget past year questions, the questions are too few. The scheme is very important to plan your techniques.

2) Take a look on some JUJ papers as they are quite helpful and effective. I like the EST paper. 😛

3) Go to other tuition centres’ seminar for tips and tricks. Hell to pay but I will be using BSN Giro sponsered by government to pay it. Hope it’s enough.

4) Share tips with my friends. We shared together the tips you gathered or I gathered. It’s mutual benefit anyway.

That’s all for my sharing. Hope it will benefit you. 🙂

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Terms for SPM Bahasa Melayu Sastera

I found the tips terms for the types of questions that will be asked for Antology and Novel from BM SPM, hope it does help. 🙂


1. Ringkasan cerita lebih kurang 100 -150 patah perkataan.
2. Mengandungi huraian cerita mengikut urutan masa berdasarkan plot.

Tema dan Persoalan

1. Tema ialah persoalan utama yang diungkapkan dalam sesuatu karya, sama ada secara langsung (eksplisit) atau tidak langsung (implisit).
2. Persoalan bermaksud perkara-perkara sampingan atau isi yang lebih kecil yang ada hubungannya dengan tema sesuatu karya.

Watak dan Perwatakan

1. Watak ialah pelaku atau tokoh dalam sesuatu karya yang menggerakkan cerita dengan cara berinteraksi sesama watak dan alam.
2. Perwatakan pula ialah pelukisan tentang watak dari aspek luaran dan dalaman.
3. Pelukisan watak itu boleh dilakukan secara langsung atau secara tidak langsung olen pengarang melalui aksi, tutur kata, atau watak-watak berkenaan.
4. Dalam sesuatu cerita lazimnya terdapat istilah yang berkaitan dengan aspek watak, iaitu watak utama, watak sampingan, watak bundar, watak pipih, watak dinamik, watak statik, protagonis dan antagonis.
5. Sifat perwatakan digambarkan melalui tindak-tanduknya, cara berfikir, cara bercakap, rupa paras, fizikalnya, kepercayaannya dan ideologi, serta gambaran perasaan seseorang atau watak itu.
6. Watak pipih lazimnya tidak kompleks, tidak berkembang, dan tidak memeranjatkan pembaca.
7. Watak bulat amat menarik kerana watak jenis ini menuju ke pelbagai arah sama ada menambah pengalamannya, mengubah sikapnya, dan fizikalnya.
8. Watak dinamik ialah watak yang mengalami pelbagai konflik, persoalan, dan permasalahan dari awal hingga akhir.
9. Watak statik atau kaku tidak mengalami apa-apa perubahan, perkembangan, dan tidak bergerak.
10. Watak yang berperanan amat penting disebut watak utama. Watak yang kurang penting dalam cerita disebut watak sampingan.
11. Watak protagonis ialah watak utama dalam sesebuah cereka. Watak ini tidak semestinya orang yang baik, tampan, dan berperikemanusiaan. Dia mungkin diktator, koruptor, penjenayah, dan sebagainya. Watak antagonis menjadi penentang atau lawan kepada watak protagonis.


1. Plot ialah sesuatu yang menghubungkan peristiwa-peristiwa dalam sesebuah cerita. Setiap penstiwa dari awal hingga akhir berdasarkan hukum sebab dan akibat.

2. Plot mengemukakan perkara yang terjadi dan sebab perkara itu terjadi. Setiap perkara berhubungan berdasarkan faktor-faktor sebab dan akibat.

3.Susunan cerita bergantung pada fantasi dan kreativiti pengarang. Plot dirangka dengan teliti dan tidak semestinya berurutan peristiwanya dari awal hingga akhir atau kronologi. Plot ialah penyusunan kronologi yang diubah suai mengikut kemahuan pengarang.

4.Teknik penyusunan plot yang menarik ialah penyusunan peristiwa secara tidak kronologi. Pengarang haruslah cekap, kreatif, dan bijaksana menyusunnya sehingga mencapai peleraian.

5.Permulaan plot ialah peringkat permulaan (eksposisi), iaitu untuk memperkenalkan watak-watak, latar, dan suasana.

6.Perkembangan plot mengakibatkan konflik.

7.Peristiwa berkembang kepada peringkat pertengahan cerita, iaitu perumitan (komplikasi).

8.Perumitan menuju kepada puncak (klimaks) apabila tercapainya konsentrasi yang maksimum.

9.Kemudian urutan cerita menuju kepada peleraian. Kadang-kadang puncak dijadikan pengakhiran cerita bagi sesetengah cereka.

Teknik Plot

1. Teknik plot ialah cara pengarang mengembangkan plot ceritanya supaya menarik.
2. Antara teknik plot termasuklah seperti yang berikut:

(a) Imbas kembali

1.Imbas kembali merupakan suatu teknik pengarang mengenang semula peristiwa yang pernah dialaminya.

2.Peristiwa itu boleh diimbas kembali melalui pemerian pengarang atau khayalan, dialog, monolog, atau monolog dalaman

(b) Imbas muka

1.Imbas muka merupakan cara pengarang memberikan bayangan awal atau ramalan tentang sesuatu peristiwa yang akan berlaku kesan daripada aksi-aksi watak dalam cerita berkenaan.

2.Imbas muka dapat mewujudkan keyakinan dalam kalangan pembaca terhadap sesuatu yang akan berlaku.

(c) Saspens

1.Saspens atau ketegangan ialah peristiwa dalam cerita yang menimbulkan keadaan tertanya-tanya atau perasaan ingin tahu di kalangan pembaca tentang peristiwa yang akan berlaku selanjutnya.

(d) Konflik

1.Konflik merupakan pertentangan antara dua pihak atau dua kekuatan dalam satu urutan plot.

2.Konflik boleh berlaku secara dalaman, iaitu konflik dalam diri watak dan secara luaran, iaitu antara watak dengan watak yang lain atau antara watak dengan alam sekitar.

3.Konflik dapat juga digambarkan melalui pertentangan pendapat, idea, sikap, atau pemikiran?

(e) Kejutan

1.Kejutan ialah perubahan dalam urutan peristiwa yang berlaku secara tiba-tiba tanpa diduga oleh pembaca.

2.Lazimnya, kesan yang timbul daripada kejutan tidak sama dengan yang diduga oleh pembaca.

(f) Dialog

1.Dialog merupakan pertuturan antara dua watak atau lebih daripada dua watak.

2.Melalui dialog antara watak-watak inilah biasanya tergambar pendapat atau fikiran yang berkaitan dengan tema.


Latar berperanan memberikan suasana kepada peristiwa dan manusia yang terdapat dalam cerita.

Latar penting dalam mengembangkan tema, persoalan, plot, watak, dan perwatakan. Idea, plot, dan watak akan lebih hidup jika berada dalam situasi pelbagai latar.

Latar merangkumi pelukisan geografi, topografi, pemandangan, bangunan, peralatan, tanggungjawab watak, waktu, dan sebagainya.

Latar terbahagi kepada empat jenis, iaitu:

(a) Latar tempat

Merupakan ruang atau tempat peristiwa berlaku yang berkaitan dengan lokasi geografi.

(b ) Latar waktu atau masa

Menunjukkan masa peristiwa berlaku seperti zaman, era, sejarahnya, atau musimnya.

(c) Latar masyarakat atau citra masyarakat

Menunjukkan gambaran keadaan masyarakat dalam cerita merangkumi bangsa atau etnik, status dan kehidupan sosial, ekonomi, dan sebagainya yang bersesuaian dengan watak.

(e) Latar peralatan cerita dan watak

Alatan yang digunakan oleh watak dalam sesebuah cerita.

Sudut Pandangan (Aspek pilihan sahaja)

Sudut pandangan berperanan untuk mengisahkan sesuatu cerita dan menjelaskan pihak yang men-ceritakan sesuatu kisah. Maka sudut pandangan mempunyai hubungan yang erat dengan watak.

Menurut Anwar Ridhwan (1985), sudut pandangan ialah cara bagaimana pembaca dihidangkan dengan bahan cerita atau bagaimana pengarang memilih cara yang terbaik untuk menyampaikan ceritanya.

Teknik sudut pandangan:

(a) Sudut pandangan orang, pertama

Pengarang bercerita sendiri atau terlibat dalam cerita sebagai watak utama atau watak sampingan. Sudut pandangan ini disebut sebagai gaya aku, iaitu cerita iru dibawakan seluruhnya oleh watak aku, orang pertama, secara subjektif. Maknanya pengarang terlibat secara aktif. Teknik ini digunakan untuk menjadikan cerita lebih realistik.

(b) Sudut pandangan orang ketiga tidak terbatas

Kerap digunakan oleh pengarang yang mengisahkan ceritanya melalui watak lain menggunakan kata ganti nama diri ketiga, iaitu dia dan mereka atau lengkap dengan nama. Pengarang bersikap serba tahu dan bebas bercerita untuk mengemukakan emosi, fikiran, dan pergolakan jiwa watak-watak.

(c) Sudut pandangan orang ketiga terbatas

Pengarang tidak menceritakan semua peristiwa atau watak tetapi hanya akan memilih watak-watak tertentu dan penceritaannya tertumpu kepada mereka. Watak-watak lain diceritakan serba sedikit sahaja.

(d) Sudut pandangan objektif

Pengarang hanya menceritakan segala sesuatu yang dilihat dan didengarnya (melapor) dan masih menggunakan kata ganti nama diri ketiga. Bezanya pengarang tidak terlibat dalam cerita. Maka pembaca berpeluang membuat penilaian sendiri terhadap cerita tersebut.

Gaya Bahasa

Jenis Gaya Bahasa


(a) Diksi

* Bermaksud pemilihan dan penyusunan kata-kata oleh pengarang daiam karyanya
* Harus memperlihatkan kesesuaian kata yang dipilih dengan tema dan persoalan, latar, watak, dan mesej

(b) Ayat

* Merujuk kepada cara pengarang membina dan menyusun ayat daiam karyanya, misalnya ayat pendek dan ayat panjang

(c) Personifikasi

* Dikenal juga sebagai perorangan atau penginsanan
* Membawa maksud tindakan pengarang memberikan sifat manusia, sama ada dari segi perasaan, perwatakan, atau tindak-tanduk kepada benda-benda mati, binatang, idea, atau hal-hal yang abstrak.
* Contohnya: …matahari pagi bangkit daripada selimut gunung, benaknya mendandan sejuta persoalan

(d) Simile

* Merupakan perbandingan yang menggunakan kata konkrit (boleh dihitung) dengan kata abstrak (tidak boleh dihitung)
* Contohnya: perahu duka, ladang kesabaran

(e) Metafora

* Merupakan perbandingan secara terus atau langsung tanpa menggunakan kata-kata seperti, bak, umpama, ibarat, dan sebagainya
* Contohnya: samudera hampa, lautan fikiran

(f) Hiperbola

* Merupakan sejenis bahasa kiasan untuk menyatakan sesuatu secara berlebih-lebihan daripada maksud yang sebenarnya
* Contohnya: serihu lautan sanggup diharungi

(g) Sinkope

* Bermaksud penyingkatan perkataan
* Contohnya: “Apa dah jadi ni?”

(h) Rima

* Bermaksud bunyi akhir suku kata pada tempat yang bersetentang antara dua baris atau lebih daripada dua baris daiam puisi
* Terdiri daripada rima awal, rima dalam, dan rima akhir

(i) Asonansi

* Merupakan pengulangan bunyi vokal yang sama dalam baris-baris sajak
* Contohnya: pengulangan vokal “u” dalam baris Kerana aku penyair kupenuhi hidupku

(j) Aliterasi

* Bermaksud pengulangan bunyi konsonan yang sama dalam baris sajak
* Contohnya: pengulangan konsonan m dalam baris Memacu menghimpun kekuatan

(k) Pengulangan

* Berlaku pada kata, ungkapan, baris, atau rangkap yang diulang dalam sajak
* anafora – pengulangan kata pada awal baris secara berurutan. Contohnya: Tambah mengimbau sorotan kitab MUHAMMAD ! Tambah mengimbau sorotan kitab ESA !
* epifora – pengulangan kata pada akhir baris. Contohnya: …di pundakku …had sepiku
* repitisi – pengulangan kata dalam baris yang sama. Contohnya, orang berbunga dia berbunga

(l) Perlambangan

* merupakan kata-kata yang digunakan untuk menerangkan sesuatu benda, keadaan, atau peristiwa yang membawa maksud yang lain atau maknanya lebih mendalam
* contohnya: senja melambangkan usia tua, pagi melambangkan usia muda


Antara contoh nilai ialah:

1. Baik hati
2. Berdikari
3. Hemah tinggi
4. Hormat-menghormati
5. Kasih sayang
6. Keadilan
7. Kebebasan
8. Keberanian
9. Kebersihan mental dan fizikal
10. Kejujuran
11. Kerajinan
12. Kerjasama
13. Kesederhanaan
14. Kesyukuran
15. Rasional
16. Semangat bermasyarakat dan nilai-nilai lain yang bersesuaian.


Pengajaran ialah peringatan/pedoman/perutusan/amanat/mesej yang ingin disampaikan oleh pengarang dalam karyanya kepada pembaca/penonton.

Dalam karya tradisional, ia disampaikan secara tersurat/secara langsung tetapi dalam karya moden, ia disampaikan secara tersirat/tidak langsung.

Gunakan nilai sebagai asas untuk menjawab. Jika nilai positif, mulakan ayat jawapan anda dengan

– Kita hendaklah ……..

– Kita seharusnya…….

Jika nilai negatif, mulakan ayat jawapan anda dengan

– Kita jangan….

– Kita tidak boleh….

…diikuti dengan contoh dalam teks.


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My submission posted

I saw my submission posted in Malaysia Student’s blog. You can read it here. It’s about Modern Mathematics tips to score in SPM. I wrote that post due to insufficient time to write lengthy submission. I took a few days to analyze and type it. Anyway, I won nothing for the contest but some satisfactions since I got quite good reception by this submission. Even though I didn’t win, I should get Most Helpful and Informative Submission Award, right? 😛 Just kidding

🙂 Hope this will benefit students who will be sitting for SPM this year.
If I’m given a chance to contribute, I may write Chemistry. 🙂 No time for this, no joke. SPM left 38 days only. Gotta pump my weak subjects as much as I can.

P.S : I got the comments more than any other posts for the contest. XD

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