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Merdeka! Trial is over

Well, I totally have forgotten to update the posts. I didn’t realize that SPM would have so many so-called tips, or leaked paper. Luckily I had got the tips from my friend for 3 science subjects’ tips. The days I prepared was like hell for me, put so much pressure on it. If the teachers realized the papers are leaked, I would love to re-sit the trial paper. 😛 I cannot afford to let ppl to overpower my hardwork by having tips like that. I have had this situation where working hard is less efficient than someone having tips in exam. Therefore, I’m going to Kasturi’s seminar for the so-called tips.

During bio paper 2, I saw him sleeping after done the paper. I thought he actually didn’t have the tips and I felt guilty. Then at last I realised he knew how to do all structures but not essays. I’m so stupid -.- Next day, he told Yi Zhong that he knew that VI school had done the test. Then it’s obviously he got trial paper from VI. He even told Mr. Khoo to get the paper from him but at the end he gave Mr. Khoo nothing. -.-
Besides that, my friend said Jenny was discussing with Daniel for physics in canteen. He kept the secret behind MK. lol… Can’t believe Jenny betrayed MK? Better believe it.
The only thing I would say is if the marks are very high, all I have to do is maintain the grades. It’s not like SPM will reveal the marks, only grades.


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