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Expression Crew’s Marionette performance

   For your information, Expression crew is the 1st Korea B-boy crew that won Battle Of The Year (it’s like a World Championship for b-boys) in 2002. Later, other crews like Gambler crew (2004), Last 4 One crew (2005) and recently Extreme crew (2007) won the championship. What is the point of these? It means Expression crew is the root of Korea winning BOTY. After they won the championship, they seem to concentrate more on performances. This is one of the very best marionette performance. Anyway, enjoy~

 I wonder how they remember all the moves, timing and positions. It’s sick!!


February 3, 2008 Posted by | B-boy | 2 Comments

B-Kid B-boying

      This is one of the infamous video of kid doing breakdance, which it’s been popular a few years ago. But it would seem ridiculous for a very little child executes the moves as he has potential to break his neck, hands, legs and so on. I wonder why their parents would shoot this video while neglecting his safety.

      This child falls down many times and still so enjoyable while some of us are afraid to fall down, I really give a respect for this child, whether it’s real or computer animated. Why there’s Eskimo’s person being eaten by a shark clip? It’s not related with b-boying too… ( Hints for saying the whole video is computer animated? Haha….)

 This child’s signature moves may be shoulder freeze, nike, l-kick and pike. He’s cute!

February 2, 2008 Posted by | B-boy, Cool | 4 Comments

BOTY 2007 Extreme and Turn Phase Crew showcase

    Last year BOTY 2007 showcases by winner (Extreme Crew from Korea) and 1st runner (Turn Phase Crew from Japan,and also won the best show). It’s marvelous,but Extreme crew made a little mistakes caused them failed to obtain the best show. The best quality show in youtube so far.

 Edited : I found the owner has removed the videos….

 But still there’s some people managed to download the video before it was removed. Turn Phase or Phrase Crew showcase was found but not in DVD quality, better than nothing.

January 10, 2008 Posted by | B-boy | 8 Comments