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SwitchFoot live in Singapore and Malaysia

   I’m sure some of you guys never heard of it,even me…. Just heard from my friend about them when they are coming to Malaysia.’Meant to live’ and ‘Dare You To Move are their hit singles.You can youtube it if you’ve never heard of their songs.You will get used to it.

For more information please go to

 OK,here the tricky part.If you enter their contest for winning the tickets at, you will notice that the deadline of the contest is 31st February 2008 (Giving tickets after concert?Who wants it?)BTW the date is ridiculous lol!

Switchfoot Error


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Kid gets phone book instead of PS3 on Christmas

My thought : 

       Oh my gosh! My parents bought me a PS3 for USD499.99 (Why don’t they just put USD500? Is it looking cheaper? OH yeah it is… just like you’re paying 99 cent for low quality water instead of 1 dollar of high quality water.) for my Christmas!! It’s f**king awesome!! Ok… controllers,adapter,USB… phonebook? WTF? For playing prank call?? ARGH!!!!

Mission Accomplished! A PS3 (Phonebook) that can be torn.

 What a tragedy for Christmas… Phonebook for 499 bucks lol and he’s having hard time for listening his sisters singing karaoke.

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