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Sien tou ar =.=

Now I’m a post-spm student. It’s already over =\ Still I don’t miss my school very much lol…. There’s no graduation day for students which made it non-memorable school. Anyway, objective to get out from this school has accomplished! My list throughout the next year.

1) Waiting for SPM result

2) Going to PLKN, just fucking unbelievable that I got 3rd batch. -.- Any batch actually is same, isn’t it?

1st batch

Pro = can go back during chinese new year and won’t clash with college intake. It’s the earliest batch thus, the facilities are always the best. Furthermore, you can get SPM result just after you get back from PLKN. It’s better than fooling around with friends during holiday.

Con= Most students don’t have complete preparation for 1st batch, furthermore there are like mices for food poisoning and cases such as raping lol 😉

2nd batch

Pro = allow to go for ONLY a month if college intake is around the corner. Obtained SPM slip and able to show off at PLKN when the result is flying colours.

Con = After SPM, sure students like to apply this and that for intake. They would have insufficient time to do so. It also causes the May intake for college cannot be done if they want to enjoy PLKN.

3rd batch

Pro = most people are those who weren’t chosen for PLKN and working adults. Therefore you may ask their experiences for the courses in Uni or College. You may postpone as you pursue your studies at local U or college (still you have to go after graduated).

Con= you waste a year for college intake as it will clash with with your study course. Infrastructures are used by 1st and 2nd batchs. So you know how lousy it would be -.-

Contrary to the popular belief, students are chosen randomly for PLKN. I don’t think authorties know the students attitude by knowing their schools. Because? Malai-ren mah…

Now I’m obsessed with Street Fighter. I kept playing on MAME and download Street Fighter 2 and 3. Still Marvel vs Capcom is the best game to be played on computer’s keyboard.

Kristin Kreuk will be staring Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li. Gamers know Chun Li is the sex symbol character since SF2.

Later, I found Street Fighter : The Later Years on College Humour. It’s so damn hilarious yet interesting directed by them. It can be found at CollegeHumour[dot]com.

Okay, there’s heavy rain now. Gotta off computer.


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