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The movie : Enchanted

Yesterday,I went to watch the movie called Enchanted. The movie was… eww… Deja Vu story.It was like mixing of Disney’s fairy tales stories such as Snow White,Sleeping Beauty,Cinderella and bla bla bla (King Kong is an exception from fairy tales).Probably that’s why the movie was called ‘Enchanted’ as it enchants with elements from other stories.

     The storyline was…. a girl named Giselle fell in love with a prince named Edward and they engage on the next day,said that they found their ‘true’ love (so lovely,yuke…). Later the prince’s stepmother tricked the innocent girl into the real world where they claimed ‘the place with no happiness’ (Hey,are you insulting us?You damn cartoon,we draw you,we can erase you. 😉  ).

       Later she met with Robert and felt in love with him (Is this the ‘true’ love you said so?) and she’s trying to dump the Prince. Then the climate began with the plots that you have seen from the Disney old cartoons. It’s like you’re paying money to watch again the old movies.Then Giselle was living happily with Robert and vice versa like switching partners…

      Overall the movie isn’t that bad,but this movie isn’t for kids if you only enjoy cartoon 😛 No more fantasy fairy tales. 7/10    This is my own opinions.


December 19, 2007 - Posted by | Movie

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