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Merry Christmas!! Ops it’s over.

   Long time didn’t do blogging.I was too busy (and lazy) for blogging. I had Christmas party fell on Christmas Eve. Most of us are inexperience in BBQ,so we were messing with the items and got annoyed when something went wrong. I borrowed the pit by giving deposit of RM100 which I still haven’t taken the money right now.

   I declared to them that I won’t buy,cook and bla bla bla.Then I left everything to them to take care(I’m evil muahahahaha) but I found myself have to take care too many things during the moments… and ended up my house became messy(Yeah,because my friends don’t bother my house condition and they’re very bad in greeting aunty uncle…. they are making me pissed).

       There are chicken wings,hotdog,sausage and spaghetti for our nomination for the WORST food for the BBQ… The hotdogs were the best food from the worst foods I listed. The foods are taking many times to be grilled or maybe we don’t know how to grill it.  

Sausages – The sausages I grilled weren’t cooked well,it’s just like eating beef steak in medium cooked. It tasted bad as the meat inside wasn’t cooked well. 

Chicken Wings – It took a lot of time.The meats inside weren’t cooked after the chicken wings turned black…

Hotdog – O.o I was sharing with my friend.There is cheese inside,not bad at all.

Spaghetti – My friend cooked it and it turned cold and sticky after an hour. YUKE,I just felt WTF after I tasted this awful food.Sorry my friend… Winner of the WORST FOOD!!

Everyone had to take a present for exchanging and I got 2 mobile chains. After that, some of my friends went home.Then left a few ppl and we went to mamak stall for chatting during midnight until morning. It’s cool to know their personal things.


December 26, 2007 - Posted by | Blogging


  1. do u noe wat i feel bout d stupid party?! BORING!!!
    i tot dats was a warm n happy party but dat was not at all~!
    i told u guys b4, not to do BBQ.. its very mafan wan… doe wan to listen… make steamboat is much more easier.. all things throw inside gao tim~! n guaranty sedap wan… u r rite.. v all doe noe how to BBQ.. u noe wat i ate dat nite? spag, one chicken wings, one fish ball i think, fries n drinks~ dats all.. hotdog n sausages i din eat at all.. my hotdog n sausages dat i grill gv ppl eat liao.. n all black black one.. also raw raw one… yiak! sim n i go back home eat maggie mee at last… =( wow…. really… swt!!!

    Comment by maimai | February 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. You said boring, but u know my house ended up very dirty? I’m more bored than u at that time. The extra chickens left so many…. no ppl grill and then threw to dustbin d after 10 days…. You should grill more and more ma… why are you so shy with these? Your own money too… Nvm looo, next time steamboat then steamboat lo. LOL so cham ar? eat maggie? Some of us went to mamak and chat till morning, so syok… 😛

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | February 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. y so dirty? who make so dirty? u mean d plate din wash or wat? wat kind of dirty??? i doe noe how to grill d chicken wings ar.. d one i ate also huisan grill for me wan.. lolll.. d chicken wing is for yr mom to cook wan.. yr mom din cook? lolll wat to do? v cant finish coz not nice to eat.. wat to do?! shy wat? just ntg to tok at dat time n boring… den v go to play at d playground.. dats d funniest part of d party.. lollll… stil wan nx time ar?! later nx time also not fun den how? ya… sim n i also feel very cham… share one pack of maggie at last.. 1am dat time.. den sleep but cant.. chat til 4sth oni sleep… den bout 6am wake up go genting lol… really tired o…. u let them stay in yr house? yr parents din complain meh? n yr spec… really lost jor??? n said wan to wear contact??? mana??? haha

    Comment by maimai | February 3, 2008 | Reply

  4. The floor is damn dirty… have to sweep and mop. I also dunno grill ma, just put the damn chickens then let it grill lo… my parents won’t complain since it’s soooo late. BTW the spec was really lost at that time, but was found in an unexpected place which was UNDER my bed…. =.=” I wanna buy but…. waste money leh…. not sure how to wear it too… curious :S BTW wearing contact lens would look nicer?

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | February 4, 2008 | Reply

  5. errr… doe noe…. no comment…. u like to wear den just wear it… =)

    Comment by maimai | February 4, 2008 | Reply

  6. =.=, but I’m sorry to tell u that wear it also looked same only… still maimai. 😛 Anyway it’s ur choice, your determination.

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | February 4, 2008 | Reply

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