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Trial paper results

I got my result back.  Some papers are so unfortunate, like BM and Moral. My BM paper’s marks declined because of the essay part. I wrote racist sentences about Ahmad Ismail. 😛 It’s all my opinion and that had caused a tragedy to the score. While moral is because of the ‘kami’ word that should be put ‘masyarakat’ according to the question. -.- All of these troubles happened because of essay questions. Now I realize we must praise government in order to get high marks. Criticize and your BM will be over. 😦

No opinion for English as my marks are constant everytime. Math is not that upset but not too bad either. Just made some careless mistakes and my teacher took the math’s marking scheme as the holy bible. Anything beyond the marking scheme is considered wrong. O.o

EST is like ROFL? because my marks are quite satisfied in paper 1. The answers for paper 2 were leaked at the last minute but didn’t fully memorize because I was chatting with my teacher at that time. XD

Add Math, they said that my monitor is so-called highest. Ok ok… I am okay with that. She even told me she’s the highest in front of me, so ego huh… =.= Actually I already knew the marks before she asked me, I’m higher than hers. 🙂 I was smiling when she told me she’s higher than me. Her streak ends here. If my score added with project marks I can get A1 while she’s still A2. Well, I’m proud of my performance in Add Math.

Well, all the papers are leaked but I didn’t take the tips seriously. Ended up damaging some papers.

The paper leaked like crazy below

Sejarah… it’s impossible to score full marks without having tips. Whole class had the so-called tips, so it’s win-win situations. It only matters if you can memorise or not. Well, I memorized and added with some creativity. There are some students who even cheated during exam. XD It’s better to cheat before exam than during exam.

Chem… I got the paper today. It’s higher than my expectation. It really creates a gap. 😛 Anyway, I did work for it. I did memorise the compulsory things for the exam. It’s because I saw my friends got the tips but did not so well.

Now waiting for Physics and Biology. Now I’m looking for Physics’ marks. If I can get A for this subject, then streak As will be in my hand. The only thing concerned is I have to maintain the grades. It won’t be hard at all after several preparations. 🙂 I’m collecting trial paper from other states, waiting for 30 days interval before SPM to start another intensive. Also trying to go to seminar from other tuition centres to gather tips for SPM and sharing with each other the tips.

The Do list

1) Do trial papers with scheme for the correct answers. Forget past year questions, the questions are too few. The scheme is very important to plan your techniques.

2) Take a look on some JUJ papers as they are quite helpful and effective. I like the EST paper. 😛

3) Go to other tuition centres’ seminar for tips and tricks. Hell to pay but I will be using BSN Giro sponsered by government to pay it. Hope it’s enough.

4) Share tips with my friends. We shared together the tips you gathered or I gathered. It’s mutual benefit anyway.

That’s all for my sharing. Hope it will benefit you. 🙂


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Day 8

Well, the paper 3 physics’s questions were quite simple. BTW I heard Jenny said to MK that the tips came out exactly the same. I saw soon and others struggled like shit, I guess he didn’t tell everyone like you all think. =/.=

I gave him the chance to tell the truth and he kept denying it. Then, there’s no turning back…

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Day 4 & 5

LOL… Add. Maths is the bomb! The paper 2 was freaking tough. I nearly blackout during that time. Anyway, I’m not satisfied with paper 2. Hope to get marks’ compensation from paper 1.

Today moral studies was quite okay for me, since I memorized nearly all the vital values’ definitions. I was so damn proud that I had solved Section A which carries 80 marks in three-quarter hour. I had 1 1/2 hours to waste in essay part and 45 minutes to sleep. Well, hope to get an A1 in my hand. I heard that my friend had the so-called tips but didn’t tell me. Anyway, the tips are unnecessary for this time.

Tomorrow is History, a problematic subject. I was shocked that they had the so-called tips (percentage of coming out is very high). I think I can relax for this time. Hope the best for tomorrow.

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Trial SPM Day 2

Well, today is English which the tips are also leaked. My friends told me that there are article and how to practise healthy living. Since I was shocked with the BM tips, I revised a bit on these topics. Then isteri kepada drover and sonnet 19-1 all kena. =.= My teacher asked me ‘Apakah kebaikan membaca surat khabar?’, I didn’t realise it’s the directed essay’s topic. Anyway, the points were already there. The BM scheme I saw was quite disappointed because my most of my answers can’t be seen in the scheme. I’m quite worried.

Overall English paper 1 and 2 are okay for me. I just don’t understand why paper 2 has so much time (2 1/2 hours). I have solved everything beside summary and novel part in half quarter hour. This is soooo wrong.

This is not like real exam la. (><) Well, I don’t have eyes to see anymore. Looking for history’s tips right now 😛

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Trial SPM Day 1

SPM trial on 911 huh….

I will be updating my exam journey from today onwards. The exam paper for SPM trial is already leaked everywhere. Today, I saw my friends having the tips which were really more accurate than Andrew Choo’s so-called 100% Kena Tips. Well, I didn’t believe before the exam started and ended up ‘Argh!!’ My teachers ridiculously said that nobody will be able to see the papers before the exams were started. I also knew some students were under the table knowing the tips. This is so unfortunate for those who are trying hard to score with flying colours. Shame on them! ,,|,, (>O<) ”|”   I also want the ‘tiiiiitps’

Anyway, this is my 1st time in Form 5 without memorising the tips after the going through the huge leakage in Intervention and diagnostic papers. Although taking exam without tips, I felt great with my answers. This is also the 1st time I wrote 2 whole full pages on Section B paper 1, but I think it’s kinda out topic. Now I understood that so-called honest people can succeed as God blessed them because ‘what goes around, comes around’. No wonder I was used to be a loser. 😛

What came out novel is teknik imbas kembali and imbas muka. WTH is Imbas muka? Imbas kembali is remind while imbas muka is remind ur fugly face. =.= BTW I know nilai dan masyarakat but I’m not sure about nilai kemasyarakatan. 😦 Argh, just don’t bother. There is a saying made his 15 minutes of fame by William Hung goes ‘I’ve done my best, I’ve no regret at all’, NO!!! You should regret because you made history by being laughed. Just kidding 😛 No kidding.

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