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SPM last day tomorrow =)

Okay, the papers I had done were fine. Just Morale studies was a little disappointed. =/ Then paper 3 for all science subjects, were a little risky because creativity had led me to do my ‘own’ experiments. Anyway, 75% A1 99% also A1, of course get the marks just over the border since less effort is need.

BM – quite fine, paper 1 section B 3 pages only enough? Their target didn’t kena while Paper 2 target komsas came out as told. The shit Andrew Choo, ini kena itu kena, kena your head la. You gave so much notes, of course kena a bit la. Where’s the 100% kena tips? Later you will kena ISA.

BI  – same as BM, while continuous writing only wrote 2 pages. I didn’t count because the time was limited. =/ Anyway, I never train myself to write lengthly essay because it’s unnecessary. =) Btw got KBKK questions.

i)  What is your wish? (I don’t remember but something like that)

ii)  Why do you think so?

Aiya… so tough. I never thought of this question coming out. 😛

Sejarah – paper 1 kinda tough, I circled 15 answers that were unsure. After checked, 70% of the smart guess was correct =), thus it’s 35/40. Then paper 2 was the best part, many KBKK questions. Arab Jahiliah…. what you think about this society then you can answer it eg. mencuri, merampas, minum arak, tanam bayi etc etc….I can write so much till I dropped despite tension of English paper 1. I should not have read so many craps since it’s different from previous year.

Maths – paper 1 I felt like so stress during exam, unknown reason, anyway 35/40 =(. I wrote the submission for paper 2 in Malaysia Student’s blog, how can I not know how to do it. =P Anyway my target for set came out as told. Why depend on those stupid seminar since I also can target it?

Add Math – paper 1 I went panic during exam because I was late to start the exam. Actually it’s quite easy but I don’t know how to do question 1 and 25 lol… Just kidding. Paper 2 was kinda ‘tulan’ because came out tangene in trigonometry. I used half session for section A, I was so panic and wanna give up as I hadn’t done other sections. Then I speed 10 minutes on section C and an hour on section B. This was my first time thiking section B kinda simple to do and answers were really make sense.

Moral – Arghh….. forget it. After brain teasing add math, who is going to do well in moral?

Chemistry – The best out of 3 subjects. Paper 1 i did quite sum of careless, then 44/50. Paper 2 I did very smooth in every question. Later in paper 3 I was like WTH…

Biology – Argh… one word, TOUGH. Paper 1 was okay for me, 45/50. Paper 2 has many questions made me tilting my head, hope to hit the scheme answers. Paper 3 was the worst! The total area with uneven shades, how to find?? Using the thread given to tie the paper? You must be kidding.

Physics – Better than Biology, Paper 1 is toughest out of 3, anyway still got 45/50. Why all papers’ mistakes also nearly same? Wrong around 5 and 6. -.- I hope EST would be better. Paper 2 was kinda easy as I didn’t find difficultly in section B which was my worst part but paper 3… still tough for me. Arghh….

Hope tomorrow would be better. LAST DAY OF THE EXAM!!! Hope paper 2 can get 30/30 =) and paper 1 section B that can be put many scientific terms.


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Refine my result

Today I got my bio and phy results. It’s ok for bio since I lost nearly all marks in inheritance question by careless mistake. Then, I got wrong in the organelles’ question lol… I believe it’s to tell me don’t get too excited when you get the paper.
While, physics I got many careless mistakes in paper 1. Even some questions that were done before I got it wrong suddenly. Impromptu essay parts are also troublesome. -.- Even structure questions I got these wrong. Therefore, it’s time to refine my physics.

Well,Straight A2 is still straight As, right? Then I shall upgrade it to pure A1. 😛

Left about 30 days, my hell time has come

Well, now what needed to concentrate more on are…

-BM (Essay and Antology since I fucked up last time not long ago due to racist essay) 2 days

-BI (Novel and Essay since I have no idea to get it higher) 3 days

-Phy (refine the basics and paper 3) 2 days

-Sej (memorise?) lol 1 week

Unnecessary but important to get them prepared well before exam
-Math (Do section B then section A and write more craps)

-Add Math (Be careful and do more question) 1 day

-Moral (Memorize 2 morale values for each bidang and ‘sure coming out’ morale values) 2 days before exam

-Chem (remember the important formula and other things and paper 3 answering technique) 1 day

-Bio (memorise some important name and do well in paper 3 answering technique) 3 days

-EST (gather more scientific name and keyword, then memorise it as each carries a mark. Also be prepared to remember scientific report technique) 2 days

Total days = 23 days and 7 days for leisure XD Each day 2 hours or more

May update my performance 🙂 I like planning XD
Swimming – Monday and Friday/Saturday
Taekwondo – Wednesday

Going to other tuition centre for tips too 🙂 If anyone wanna share together, please comment below.

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My submission posted

I saw my submission posted in Malaysia Student’s blog. You can read it here. It’s about Modern Mathematics tips to score in SPM. I wrote that post due to insufficient time to write lengthy submission. I took a few days to analyze and type it. Anyway, I won nothing for the contest but some satisfactions since I got quite good reception by this submission. Even though I didn’t win, I should get Most Helpful and Informative Submission Award, right? 😛 Just kidding

🙂 Hope this will benefit students who will be sitting for SPM this year.
If I’m given a chance to contribute, I may write Chemistry. 🙂 No time for this, no joke. SPM left 38 days only. Gotta pump my weak subjects as much as I can.

P.S : I got the comments more than any other posts for the contest. XD

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Trial SPM Day 3

These 2 days I went to seminar Berita Harian at Gombak, Selangor. It’s freaking far and cost me a sum of money for taxi.

Taxi = RM15
Bus = RM1.80 -.-”

Well, the seminar wasn’t that bad. I can learn something for SPM, NOT Trial… no tips were given during that time. Today, my friend asked me about Utada’s album. What’s in her mind? Is she a fan of Utada or just trying to make me glad? :/ I’m too dumb to detect it. 😛

Today is Mathematics paper 1 and paper 2. Paper 1 was fairly simple but careless mistakes always occur. For paper 2, I started it by doing Section B. I found that it was easier to do section B 1st. Therefore, I have a lot times to solve section A. I had done it 1/2 hour before passing up. However, question 10 was quite weird because m/s was changed to km/h. I left earth as a sphere question which was unnecessary. I tried to do it but I didn’t manage to complete it on time.

Well, tomorrow Add. Math, the doomsday! (not for me :P) Hope the questions that come out wouldn’t be that complicated.

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Trial SPM Day 2

Well, today is English which the tips are also leaked. My friends told me that there are article and how to practise healthy living. Since I was shocked with the BM tips, I revised a bit on these topics. Then isteri kepada drover and sonnet 19-1 all kena. =.= My teacher asked me ‘Apakah kebaikan membaca surat khabar?’, I didn’t realise it’s the directed essay’s topic. Anyway, the points were already there. The BM scheme I saw was quite disappointed because my most of my answers can’t be seen in the scheme. I’m quite worried.

Overall English paper 1 and 2 are okay for me. I just don’t understand why paper 2 has so much time (2 1/2 hours). I have solved everything beside summary and novel part in half quarter hour. This is soooo wrong.

This is not like real exam la. (><) Well, I don’t have eyes to see anymore. Looking for history’s tips right now 😛

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Trial SPM next week

I have been inactive for a while, not because I was busy, I’m just too lazy to blog. SPM trial is around the corner and it’s really giving pressure to form 5 students. It’s said that my trial SPM’s grade will be substituted if a cup of coffee is poured on my SPM paper. My mind tells me I’m not ready to take the exam. Anyway, I will try my best to complete it without the stupid tips. Now my concern is on History and 3 Science subjects, which all you need to memorise. -.- Try to score around 3B in my trial. Also hoping my real SPM paper won’t get into flash flood. That’s all for today, I’m going to study.

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Push it to the limit

      I will be taking SPM this year. Form 4 syllabuses haven’t covered yet by teachers (they’re going to cover it anyway…). I wasn’t serious during Form 4 and I am quite regret right now because SPM result can affect my path in the future. There’s 7 months before stepping into examination hall. By subtracting my time of eating , school , co-curriculum, sleeping, watching TV, blogging and so on, there’s not much time left. This isn’t PMR that I was able to cover all Form 1,2 and 3 in a quarter year before real PMR examination (it sounds easy, isn’t it?). Anyhow, I have balanced my co-curriculum last year (not because of the marks, but my ability in B-boying and TKD because my dedication had changed myself from an obese guy to a guy who is able to perform some moves that not everyone can do in a short time) and now I’m going to push my academic once again.

      I read a book about the secret of previous candidates of SPM who scored flying colour result in their SPM. What I read was most of them prepared well during Form 4, while I fucked up my studies during Form 4. There’s a chinese girl (she’s a buddhist!) who took Tassawur Islam and had covered 2 years syllabus in 3 days. That means it’s soooo easy to score an A1 in SPM (although I don’t think so). So I am going to cover all the syllabuses in the books and do a lot of questions for all subjects. I have made a new concept right now, but I’m not sure if it works or not (Everyone has their own concepts). I shall share my concept, but don’t come and lc me when you’re like “Hey,I followed the concept and the my outcome is better than you.” I hate those people who ask too many stupid questions and explain something that is not in the syllabus (because I don’t know) Eg : Why is the sky blue?


SPM preparation

1) Study all my revision books
   BM – concentrate on novel and sastera.
   BI – concentrate on novel,literature and essay book.
   Math – do the questions in the. Mathematic has many ‘lame’ questions.
   Add math – all the fucking questions available.
   Moral – Memorise the definition and key words, read some issues.
   Chemistry – 50% thinking and memorising, probably the easiest of science subjects.
   Biology – 75% memorising, I’m kinda good in memorising especially craps.
   Physics – 75% thinking, B-boying relates much of these. (B-boy Physicx!)
Sejarah – Pretend you like those histories very much, another memorising subjects.
   EST – Know more on the scientific name of the items and essay formats.

Concentrate and try to complete the syllabus as fast as possible.
Chemistry (2 weeks)
Physics (2 weeks)
Moral (2 weeks)
Math (5 days, not going to waste time on it)
Add math (2 months)
Bio (a month)
Sejarah (a month)
Moral (2 weeks)
Bm Bi (approximately a month for both)
EST (wait for god’s bless, isn’t it Easy and Simple Test?)

Relation… My thought

Chemistry – Physics
Bio – Sejarah – Moral
Math – Add maths

2) After getting all the concepts down, do all the past year and forecast
   questions. It’s better to do in SPM format than concentrating each chapters.
3) Waiting for trial SPM, try to get all the questions from other states. Thanks to tips.
4) Surf for the notes, NOT TIPS. The tips are
   rubbish. Tak kena more than kena…
5) Sleep well and eat well. Don’t waste time masturbating. haha…

P.S : These concepts won’t work if you don’t have dedication and determination to do so.


     Time is precious, any move I take will affect my outcome. I won’t take my time for blogging until my SPM is done. See you for the next few months, I love you guys!

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NoOo…. Exam and exam

    Wow… I didn’t blog for a while because of SPM intervention, but I read others’ blogs frequently XD. Today I have a holiday in between exam, so relieved. 😛 But still exam goes on next day. 

    Okay, I’m 17 year old and will be sitting for SPM. Government (BN who lost patheticly and failed to achieve two-third majority during election a.k.a ERECTION) is giving out intervention test for PMR and SPM, obviously nobody likes it. See this mathematic’s question and I’m sure you will criticise Malaysia standard.


Wow… this is SPM standard, am I dreaming?

I can’t deny this is ‘kindergarten standard’ and your papa mama will be ashamed of you if you fail to answer this unless you don’t have common sense. By the way, I don’t understand why other subjects are absolutely vice versa with this one. Why are we having exams?

What is exam?
(Based on Wikipedia) A test or an examination (or “exam”) is an assessment, often administered on paper or on the computer, intended to measure the test-takers’ or respondents’ (often a student) knowledge, skills, aptitudes, or classification in many other topics (e.g., beliefs).

What is Malaysia’s exam?
A way to get better jobs, you can forget all the craps you’ve learnt in school after you get all credits for SPM because you won’t use it in daily life. It’s more on memorising than thinking smart. Therefore, who gets good results in exam doesn’t mean they’re smart, they’re ‘memoriser’ and they become ‘brainy nerd’ at the end. Besides that, only certain questions will be asked during exam. You’re lucky bastard if you read the right chapters.

    Although most of the Malaysians are criticising Malaysia’s education system is very lousy and easy, how is it possible most of the teenagers can’t complete their studies until Form 5? I was shocked when I heard approximately one hundred thousand (1/10 million.. wow) of teenagers can’t pursue their studies until SPM every year.

    Most of them who completed SPM with flying colours would pursue their studies at foreign university. I personally think that “If you have potential, no matter where you will be doing fine”. Furthermore, local university will save your parents’ money because of government’s support.

By the way, if you think foreign studies will make you proud and smart, you are wrong! I saw a post at Vincent’s blog entitled ‘Americans are NOT STUPID’.America is considered as the richest country and one of the most powerful country in the world. This shows dummies can be found at any country. Next time Malaysian will make a video entitled “Malaysians are STUPID!”. Nah just kidding (It’s possible).

Spoof of ‘Americans are not stupid’, British version.

How many colours in a 4 coloured paper? Omg this is so retarded, a legendary question.

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