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Refine my result

Today I got my bio and phy results. It’s ok for bio since I lost nearly all marks in inheritance question by careless mistake. Then, I got wrong in the organelles’ question lol… I believe it’s to tell me don’t get too excited when you get the paper.
While, physics I got many careless mistakes in paper 1. Even some questions that were done before I got it wrong suddenly. Impromptu essay parts are also troublesome. -.- Even structure questions I got these wrong. Therefore, it’s time to refine my physics.

Well,Straight A2 is still straight As, right? Then I shall upgrade it to pure A1. 😛

Left about 30 days, my hell time has come

Well, now what needed to concentrate more on are…

-BM (Essay and Antology since I fucked up last time not long ago due to racist essay) 2 days

-BI (Novel and Essay since I have no idea to get it higher) 3 days

-Phy (refine the basics and paper 3) 2 days

-Sej (memorise?) lol 1 week

Unnecessary but important to get them prepared well before exam
-Math (Do section B then section A and write more craps)

-Add Math (Be careful and do more question) 1 day

-Moral (Memorize 2 morale values for each bidang and ‘sure coming out’ morale values) 2 days before exam

-Chem (remember the important formula and other things and paper 3 answering technique) 1 day

-Bio (memorise some important name and do well in paper 3 answering technique) 3 days

-EST (gather more scientific name and keyword, then memorise it as each carries a mark. Also be prepared to remember scientific report technique) 2 days

Total days = 23 days and 7 days for leisure XD Each day 2 hours or more

May update my performance 🙂 I like planning XD
Swimming – Monday and Friday/Saturday
Taekwondo – Wednesday

Going to other tuition centre for tips too 🙂 If anyone wanna share together, please comment below.


October 11, 2008 - Posted by | SPM |


  1. Hi bobby.. nice to meet u here.. i m a form4 student this year. I have view ur writing contest ”SPM Mathematics Tips”.
    I enjoyed read it. Anyway good luck for your SPM. After SPM remember tell me how it feel? ^^ And got any tips for study i hope u will post it.. tq

    Comment by may | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey bobby😊.. I’m yaash. I would like to ask something about math and addmath paper. Since my add math sucked 😩😫it made me say ‘ ni kantha sie le’😷
    the marks of math paper 1 n paper2 & add math paper1 n paper2 will be totaled right ? Like u know….

    Example: if I got these marks in my exam
    math paper1- 53 &. Add-math paper1-23
    Math paper2- 67. Add-math paper2-43
    What would my marks be? They remain the same or they would do some calculations n total up those. Pls reply ASAP. I’m dying here😲.plz

    Comment by Yaash | May 22, 2015 | Reply

    • Sorry for late reply. I have not used this blog for quite a while. If you must know, the full marks paper 1 is 40% and paper 2 is 60%. While add maths papers are totalled to be 180 converted 100%. I bet it didn’t help because spm is already over.

      Comment by bobbysecretmail | December 31, 2015 | Reply

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