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Day 7

Well, today Bio and Chem paper 3 came out exactly as told. Really ‘diagnostic’ lah these trial papers…

Btw for Tahuei, I think you must be curious about that incident. I hope no other ppl involved in this problem. Let me explain in chronology.

1st Scenario
1. When BM he said like very tough or etc. Then I asked if he got tips, then he said no.
2. During assembly, he said the tips from you were very accurate. Then I asked him why said no tips
if already got tips. Then he shouted ‘What? What?’ I was sure you were listening it too.
I’m speechless after that. I’m sure he got something wrong with his head. Never thought he’s a
king of tips.

2nd Scenario
1. You told me that Jenny had given you the tips.
2. I asked from Mun Keong about the tips. (It consists of Sej, Chem and Phy. The sej subject showed quite early to have the so-called tips) So he gave me. I bet it’s from Jenny.
3. I asked from others that Jenny was playing under the table. He didn’t give tips to others.
4. Jenny suddenly pm me. When I asked him, he said nothing. When I intentionally asked him for the tips, he said ‘Nope’. However, there are many students at the right side of my class got the tips from him.

It’s okay if you don’t tell when someone asks you. However, if someone asks, then just give la, furthermore I sengaja asked him lagi 1. Then I only realised he is so fuking kiasu. Sometimes I also gave tips to him during diagnostic or whatsoever. Well, I don’t mind if I lost one or two friends like that. I want the quality, not the quantity. Well, I understood that 1/2 of the class will stand beside him. I don’t care anyway.

At assembly, I heard that he’s like the master of tips. When he’s talking to me during class, I kept wondering why I got a friend so two faced. During biology paper, he arrogantly said ‘Do you believe if I’m the 1st person to finish the paper?’ Ya la ya la, pandai la, 20/50 ok? =.= Got tips don’t want to share still dare to say this sentence. Then I can’t control myself and pissed him back. I honestly say I don’t like ppl lc me.

I don’t mind if you all stand at him. I realised there are so many two faces people in this class. I never want to choose to be in any side in the class, everyone should be the same. -.-? BTW go to his birthday? I rather celebrate my brother’s birthday which falls on the same date… Jenny always told me that I will get a cake during my birthday, what a disappointment at last. Anyway, there’s a Malay idiom saying ‘Siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang berasa pedas.’

Moral values can be obtained
1. Kejujuran ( no wonder moral doesn’t have this value… many liars.)
2. Saling membantu dan bekerjasama ( If he sent to me, I may give him the better 1. Well, I don’t trust people anymore.)

Well Tahuei, tell me if I misunderstood.


September 22, 2008 - Posted by | SPM |

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  1. hmm,did you ensure our class student wont see this topic?if yes,it will be a troublesome..okok,actually the physics 3 thing,actually i knew the tips from him too..becuz i had help him asking the bio tips from my fren..i didnt tell anybody cuz no reason..i also felt sorry to soon,twins and know why jenny dont want to tell everybody?he dont mind about the scores just he scares everybody say him got tips,and bla bla bla..hope you know what im saying..bobby,i wanna say about the master of tips~it suppose to be won for hoon kwan~~his girlfren really pro,can get the tips that 100%accurate~~tomorrow art and lk and you bio~~gambateh neh!!bio 1 sure not a problem for you lar~~haha!

    Comment by terrykhoo | September 23, 2008 | Reply

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