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Trial SPM Day 2

Well, today is English which the tips are also leaked. My friends told me that there are article and how to practise healthy living. Since I was shocked with the BM tips, I revised a bit on these topics. Then isteri kepada drover and sonnet 19-1 all kena. =.= My teacher asked me ‘Apakah kebaikan membaca surat khabar?’, I didn’t realise it’s the directed essay’s topic. Anyway, the points were already there. The BM scheme I saw was quite disappointed because my most of my answers can’t be seen in the scheme. I’m quite worried.

Overall English paper 1 and 2 are okay for me. I just don’t understand why paper 2 has so much time (2 1/2 hours). I have solved everything beside summary and novel part in half quarter hour. This is soooo wrong.

This is not like real exam la. (><) Well, I don’t have eyes to see anymore. Looking for history’s tips right now 😛


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