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Trial SPM Day 1

SPM trial on 911 huh….

I will be updating my exam journey from today onwards. The exam paper for SPM trial is already leaked everywhere. Today, I saw my friends having the tips which were really more accurate than Andrew Choo’s so-called 100% Kena Tips. Well, I didn’t believe before the exam started and ended up ‘Argh!!’ My teachers ridiculously said that nobody will be able to see the papers before the exams were started. I also knew some students were under the table knowing the tips. This is so unfortunate for those who are trying hard to score with flying colours. Shame on them! ,,|,, (>O<) ”|”   I also want the ‘tiiiiitps’

Anyway, this is my 1st time in Form 5 without memorising the tips after the going through the huge leakage in Intervention and diagnostic papers. Although taking exam without tips, I felt great with my answers. This is also the 1st time I wrote 2 whole full pages on Section B paper 1, but I think it’s kinda out topic. Now I understood that so-called honest people can succeed as God blessed them because ‘what goes around, comes around’. No wonder I was used to be a loser. 😛

What came out novel is teknik imbas kembali and imbas muka. WTH is Imbas muka? Imbas kembali is remind while imbas muka is remind ur fugly face. =.= BTW I know nilai dan masyarakat but I’m not sure about nilai kemasyarakatan. 😦 Argh, just don’t bother. There is a saying made his 15 minutes of fame by William Hung goes ‘I’ve done my best, I’ve no regret at all’, NO!!! You should regret because you made history by being laughed. Just kidding 😛 No kidding.


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  1. gambateh neh!!!!

    Comment by terrykhoo | September 11, 2008 | Reply

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