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Push it to the limit

      I will be taking SPM this year. Form 4 syllabuses haven’t covered yet by teachers (they’re going to cover it anyway…). I wasn’t serious during Form 4 and I am quite regret right now because SPM result can affect my path in the future. There’s 7 months before stepping into examination hall. By subtracting my time of eating , school , co-curriculum, sleeping, watching TV, blogging and so on, there’s not much time left. This isn’t PMR that I was able to cover all Form 1,2 and 3 in a quarter year before real PMR examination (it sounds easy, isn’t it?). Anyhow, I have balanced my co-curriculum last year (not because of the marks, but my ability in B-boying and TKD because my dedication had changed myself from an obese guy to a guy who is able to perform some moves that not everyone can do in a short time) and now I’m going to push my academic once again.

      I read a book about the secret of previous candidates of SPM who scored flying colour result in their SPM. What I read was most of them prepared well during Form 4, while I fucked up my studies during Form 4. There’s a chinese girl (she’s a buddhist!) who took Tassawur Islam and had covered 2 years syllabus in 3 days. That means it’s soooo easy to score an A1 in SPM (although I don’t think so). So I am going to cover all the syllabuses in the books and do a lot of questions for all subjects. I have made a new concept right now, but I’m not sure if it works or not (Everyone has their own concepts). I shall share my concept, but don’t come and lc me when you’re like “Hey,I followed the concept and the my outcome is better than you.” I hate those people who ask too many stupid questions and explain something that is not in the syllabus (because I don’t know) Eg : Why is the sky blue?


SPM preparation

1) Study all my revision books
   BM – concentrate on novel and sastera.
   BI – concentrate on novel,literature and essay book.
   Math – do the questions in the. Mathematic has many ‘lame’ questions.
   Add math – all the fucking questions available.
   Moral – Memorise the definition and key words, read some issues.
   Chemistry – 50% thinking and memorising, probably the easiest of science subjects.
   Biology – 75% memorising, I’m kinda good in memorising especially craps.
   Physics – 75% thinking, B-boying relates much of these. (B-boy Physicx!)
Sejarah – Pretend you like those histories very much, another memorising subjects.
   EST – Know more on the scientific name of the items and essay formats.

Concentrate and try to complete the syllabus as fast as possible.
Chemistry (2 weeks)
Physics (2 weeks)
Moral (2 weeks)
Math (5 days, not going to waste time on it)
Add math (2 months)
Bio (a month)
Sejarah (a month)
Moral (2 weeks)
Bm Bi (approximately a month for both)
EST (wait for god’s bless, isn’t it Easy and Simple Test?)

Relation… My thought

Chemistry – Physics
Bio – Sejarah – Moral
Math – Add maths

2) After getting all the concepts down, do all the past year and forecast
   questions. It’s better to do in SPM format than concentrating each chapters.
3) Waiting for trial SPM, try to get all the questions from other states. Thanks to tips.
4) Surf for the notes, NOT TIPS. The tips are
   rubbish. Tak kena more than kena…
5) Sleep well and eat well. Don’t waste time masturbating. haha…

P.S : These concepts won’t work if you don’t have dedication and determination to do so.


     Time is precious, any move I take will affect my outcome. I won’t take my time for blogging until my SPM is done. See you for the next few months, I love you guys!


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  1. Most of the students wasting time on masturbating but not me! hehe

    I’m different, I’m still wasting time but not on practical bio, instead my idol Bee Gees! Listening to it everyday! haiz!
    Hard to stop that habit already.

    Did you wasting time on B-boying? If yes, then it’s same with me learning guitar too….

    Good luck! Visit my blog more and leave me comment so that I knew you have been to my blog! Have a nice day!

    Comment by Desmond | April 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. wow…thx 4 sharing ur concept wor yew hong…

    Comment by SiM | April 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. Desmond : Having idol isn’t a crime… You may waste your time on BG (like I waste my time on b-boying) but do not neglect your studies if you want to be ‘psycho’logist.I went to ur blog frequent last time, now I’m busy with my things, so I won’t blog right now. Each post I made have caused me 2 hours +++ =.=”

    Sim : Not really all my concepts, I may post if I remember.

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | April 5, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hey.. That is what pelajar contoh should do..

    I salute u la bobby

    Comment by ikmal | April 7, 2008 | Reply

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