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torrent is one of my favourite torrent site for searching porn stuffs. Now it’s down… PERMANENTLY!!! FOREVER!!! NO MORE!!! IT’S DEAD!!! Oh my dear, how can this be? It’s pathetic that torrent sites provide links for downloading illegal stuffs while getting only complains from users. They’re filling multiple lawsuits and can’t take it anymore, so they detonate the bomb. BOOM!!! R.I.P Torrentspy…

P.S : is just one of the hundred torrent sites. It’s not yet end of the torrent world.

    Overall the intervention test was awful, but I wasn’t trying to do well. My friends and I got the ‘Tips’ (actually the identical exam papers) from other students who had done the tests. I was having difficulties even with the ‘Tips’ (I didn’t read according to the tips, I went to sleep haha…). I don’t treat it seriously and I was discussing with my friends during exam. For me, ‘tips’ is cheating because you already know what is coming out and which to study. Why think you’re smart if you have the tips?

     After my intervention test was over, I’ve gotten sickness ( I kept sneezing and throat sore after that). It sucks and the mucus is sucker while the phlegm is the suckest of all. Is there anyone caring about my sickness? No one was asking if I was feeling well when I was sneezing continuously, they only responded after I’ve told my condition. Some of them like “Uh huh…” Screw this!! How am I going to call them as ‘friends’?

    Thanks to Sim, I finally realised that “Never go for movies with Sim anymore when you’re not feeling well”. Sickness halts my process for doing other things, and I can’t blame her because it was my decision. The movie ‘Awake‘ is the worst movie I’ve ever watched. The storyline is so predictable and boring. It was like wasting RM7 ticket for watching Hayden and Jessica kissing scenes. One thing for sure, Jessica is still irresistible!

    Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love is currently on the top spot at US Billboard chart, another history is made for British. Before that, the song was on the peak at UK Singles Chart and preventing Take That’s Rule The World from advancing a spot. I was like shocked that Take That failed to peak the UK Singles Chart with new singles because most of their previous singles topped the chart easily. Now Bleeding Love is very successful worldwide. Rule The World? Forget it.

    I’ve discovered something cool and hilarious from the spoof of Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia. It’s mostly Malaysia’s issues and some of the informations are actually true, E.g : Samy Velu did say ‘Orang muda sekarang suka menghisap dada’. I can’t believe Malaysian out there is so creative, respect to the contributors. If you’re Malaysian, click here,here and here. You will laugh like there is no tomorrow.


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  1. hey hey hey wat??
    i oso duno u not feelin well de lor…

    Comment by SiM | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. hope you get well soon..
    take care,rest more~

    Comment by terrykhoo | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  3. tq tq

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | April 2, 2008 | Reply

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