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   Okay,my sis had told my parents that I did blog about their shameful acts and she didn’t tell them about my real thought, only the bad thought. Now my mum was angry because of that, ‘whole world’ (what an ancient thought) would know this if I blog about it. Actually she is just fine if nobody reads my posts. Hahaha…. anyway it was my revenge on how she made fun of me at my relatives. No one will say their own shameful things and think it’s essential to joke on other people. Well that’s what humans are made of.

    Today was quite boring, but I always don’t obey what I should do. So I just kept watching over and over old videos captured from my phone and inside my hard disk (refresh my memories with useless videos). Later, Streamyx a.k.a Screamyx a.k.a Worst Internet Broadband you will ever find was temporary down and I can’t connect it. I was chatting with my friends via MSN at that time and…. WTF? Down? Duh, I had waited for a few hours and it was up again! Yay!! (Pretending to be stupid)

    I was finding videos about handstand balancing as I still can’t balance my handstand very well, but instead I had found something hilarious. Here it is!

    This guy is no doubt as stupid as everyone thinks so. He’s still alive, so darn lcuky. But his pains have some payoff as he makes his appearance on G4Tv. Is it worth for being on TV to show how stupid you are? I don’t think so.

   Now I can do a decent front handspring, so I think now I can go for front flip. I was finding for reliable tutorial, but instead I found a funny video of Dave teaching how to do front flip.

    Requirement : Two Legs (“Oh yeah, I have two legs!” Like it’s something unusual for him. He added “My mum is in wheelchair.” Owh, I’m sorry to hear that… Is he kidding or what? Then he said “My mum can do but my dad can’t” WTH? She’s not lame after all.)

And I found his backflip tutorial was posted a lot earlier than front flip. Oh my god! Hoping for getting gainer.

    By the way, his tutorials are making me more afraid of doing these tricks than encouraging me.


March 13, 2008 - Posted by | Blogging, Cool

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