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   Today I represent school for chess competition at KL Pudu Zone in a team (4 candidates). It’s my 1st time I play chess against other school’s chess players and I was damn nervous. Although the standard isn’t as good as other countries and there’s no real chess prodigy, it still makes my heart beat so fast for each match because I’m inexperienced. During my 1st round against a nerd from Sri Garden who’s attitude is very bad, he was playing with time clock. Due to poor performance,I lost my 1st round. My teacher even said he threw the chess pieces when he lost at next round.

   2nd round against Seri Bintang Selatan, I have done some opening blunder but I was able to recover after he tried to avoid my mate. He thought until the time was running out, he tried to checkmate but he failed and I kept putting pressure by moving fast to make his time moves. He can’t think anymore and let me mate it. So I won the 2nd round. 3rd round against Taman Connaught, I kept pushing my pawn to h3 for Queen to mate the castled King at the endgame. He didn’t see that my rook is supporting my queen for checkmate. So I won this match easily.

    4th round against Cochrane Perkasa, I can’t believe I lost this round because I was up a Queen and it was a sure win. I was so regretful for not sacrificing my damn Queen for Rook and the damn f2 pawn caused me a mate. I shall not make this blunder anymore…. 😦

    Overall my team scored 5 marks (with the help of so-called-chess-prodigy Sureen, he scored 3 marks). My brain hurts and my heart beats so hard, I think I’m going to have chess phobia soon lol…. There are still competitions for Wednesday and Thursday. =.= Although it’s just for fun, but it’s my last and only year to represent school. :S

   Later I rushed back to school for Sukantara. I easily got my 1st time full scores in 4 activities (2 marks for each successful attempt) for Blue Team. After that, my friends are b-boying at school and I opened some breakbeat songs.

   Now I have my 1st LCD monitor along with the 2 big and problematic monitors (one can’t see the dark image and one more has screen problem). 17 inches,brand of Acer. 🙂



March 4, 2008 - Posted by | Blogging

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