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It’s been a while, but Edison Chen still has troubles


    After he apologised to public, the scandalism is going down gradually, very down… Even Kira disappeared like he doesn’t exist anymore, maybe he has gotten caught or he is very afraid to reveal himself. But still there’s certain statements that are going to provoke this scandal.


Sources from TheBlemish

Sudden Weekly

The Edison Chen scandal has yet to die down as police have uncovered more photos of four starlets in Edison’s personal collection. For whatever reason, they gave hints as to who else was implicated in this mess. Earlier, people suspected Shu Qi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang and Jill Vidal as the girls. However, a recently published magazine claims to know who the women are and emphasize that if their names were to be released, Edison Chen may suffer greatly and even face death. Coolsmurf says:

On the left… Ten of them shows her wearing her undergarments in a hotel room in different poses. The other 20 photos sees her and another guy together and their actions are linked, possibly screencaps from a video. This female star is reportedly a very beautiful woman possibly in this world. She was very active in her early days in the movie world and had lots of scandals with many stars. Netizens speculate it could be Christy Chung.

On the right… is nearing 40 years old. She has appeared in movies over the past 20 years but is gradually moving towards a career in the financial world. Her photos are mostly taken in a hotel and has many close-ups and is quite “racy”. The photos aren’t very clear though and are likely to come from a video. Widely speculated to be Carina Lau.

This guy managed to trick a lot of stars into doing amateur porn. The closest I’ve ever gotten to filming a girl in bed was when my neighbors forgot to close their blinds. That is to say, Edison Chen may have took a plane and got the hell out of Hong Kong, but he has forever landed in my heart.


Based on the photo that is speculated to be Carina Lau, this picture is sooo WTF!!

and also a leaked picture of Ella Koon, click here for the picture.



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  1. that photo of ella koon is from her own very PUBLIC blog on yahoo.

    Comment by zizibe | September 2, 2008 | Reply

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