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   Step out the Edison’s scandal for a while, since my blog has been growing thanks to Edison Chen. It’s GOSSIP and not BLOGGING! By the way, I heard from my dad that his friends were buying Gillian Cheung and Edison Chen scandal video from pirated disc dealer. “I was like WTF? It was released?” I searched via Google and all was “total craps”. I think the whole videos would be the combination from the photos released and a minute of the video released recently.

   Below part is like a thousands of words essay about my life, if you think you read Harry Potter’s novel is nothing, then go on. (I don’t like novels and I’ve never finished any novel because I don’t give a damn about it, not even my school’s literatures). Warning : I just feel want to blog about myself.


     On wednesday, my TaeKwonDo coach said that we have a ‘last minute’ performance on the following day. I was like “HUH?!? Same routines as last time performances again??”. Malaysians are known for ‘last minute’ job and become nervous at that time. My coach invited his 4 students from Kolej Universiti Islam (if I’m not wrong) as the guest performers (insufficient students). 2 yellow belt, a green and a red-black. I was chosen to kick a board (1st time in my life with a yellow belt) by using jumping turning kick WITHOUT rehearsal.

     Next day is Valentine’s Day, which is also my mum’s birthday! Which is also a boring day for single men/women out there. We did our performance, and my partner sucks in acting during performance, he didn’t pretend to fall down while others had been done so, I can’t blame him because it’s his 1st day learning TaeKwonDo. Laughing sounds from my schoolmates can be heard during the performance and suddenly applaused because it was too hilarious. =.=” It makes my leg hurt after kicked too hard on him.

     I was too nervous with the phrase ‘Done or Failed’ when kicking the board. I wasn’t ready in my 1st attempt for kicking and I failed (Boo sound can be heard). I had forgotten my coach’s message that you should do the ‘stance’ (whatever I forget) to give your 70% weight on supporting leg so your kicking leg can swing harder and faster. So I kicked and I can feel the board will be broken apart. It’s my 1st attempt as a yellow belt anyway, so I will be very excited although breaking “a board” isn’t something unusual for TaeKwonDo.

     After school, I waited for my friend (who also practises Taekwondo, a black belt who was vomiting after kicked by me during sparring……. MUAHAHAHAHA….. probably my  most memorable legacy in TaeKwonDo). We went to tuition for 1st time in from 4 pm until 8 pm. Later, I took bus to home. It’s bloody tired and I received a call from my mum at 10.30pm to meet 2 girls (not 2 girls 1 cup) I met during holiday with them in Malacca 3 years ago. It was sooooo long ago and I got a chance to meet them once again. ^O^

     I was so excited on how they would grow like. The 2 girls are called Vivian and Sabrina (Sabrina the teenage witch? Oh yeah, she has grown like a witch :P) and both of them looked sooooo mature, not like me, still look childish, curly hair and chubby face. Vivian was quite tall 3 years ago when she’s 10 year old (around my eyes of 163cm height at that time) and Sabrina was short when she’s 11 year old during that time. But today, Vivian (still at my eyes’ height) was shorter than Sabrina (over my head, WTF!! Giant!! joking :P). They even called me ‘Bobby Jie Jie’ (Sister Bobby)? =.=” Sabrina said twice “We only think you’re our adopted sister”. The main idea? Easy,no need to be answered.

     Sabrina looked like a gambler when she played blackjack (I was shocked with her attitude =.=”) and Vivian was wandering around doing nothing. I was trying to capture their photos with my phone but failed patheticly. Since I can’t take their photos with this stupid N73 (too slow), I switched to video. I captured Vivian’s funny footage (she acted cute), it’s hella funny. She didn’t know that until Sabrina took my phone and watched it. She saw it and forced me to delete it :S. So I deleted it to avoid controversy.

     They declined to take their photos, but instead asked me to take their ‘lesbien’ kisses.

lesbien kiss

Brokeback Mountain : Girls edition

3 girls lesbien

3 girls 1 cup? No offense 😛 with the shop owner’s daughter (Mandy) makes her special guest appearance.

    Later Bai Tien Gong ceremony was started (it was said Hokkiens treat 9th of the 1st month of the Lunar calendar as the 1st day of the Chinese New Year, whatever, because I’m not Hokkien). It didn’t run smoothly… I’m not sure but I was told that “someone who was drunk kept swearing, made a guy got angry and slapped and kicked the drunky”, so pathetic, especially during ceremony. The drunky ended up apologising to the offensive guy. Happy ending.

    After the ceremony had ended, we were having roasted chicken, duck, and bla bla bla. Finally, I took their pictures officially with their ‘Sisters’ along.

you guess

you guess once again.

Their ‘sisters’ haha 😀

     Then I wanna take a photo with them, but my appearance in the photo brought down the quality of the photo. So I decided not to upload here. 😛 Even I was covering my face when I was doing elbow stand.

elbow stand

My 16th attempt to do this freeze during a video recording at gym.

    BTW it’s quite good Valentine Day’s moment. I slept at 3 am and woke up at 6 am. =.= It’s killing me, and I have taken some tuitions on Genius Parade (who takes tuition at there is not  guaranteed genius) by Mr Subash who had run away from Martin Tuition Centre after long story controversy to open his own tuition centre. Besides that, he has the highest salary back to the day when he was teaching in Martin Tuition Centre. I was so nervous to go to his tuition centre for the 1st time because I heard he has ‘hypocrite syndrome’ after he opened his own tuition centre because he used to be kind when he was teaching at Martin Tuition Centre. If you feel blurred when he’s teaching, he may ask you to come out and he will give a question. If you can’t answer his questions, then GET OUT OF MY CLASS. “WTF!! THIS IS SO HORRIBLE. I PAID FOR IT AND I WAS HUMILLIATED” I went there, I was entertained with many jokes from him, at the same time, I was afraid being called out as I was lack of sleep and my school’s teachers haven’t taught that topic yet. I sat for his classes from 3 pm to 7 pm. What a hell for me…..

    Sorry for writing essay. 😛 It’s just too long for me and I give up to find the spelling and grammar errors.


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