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Steven Lim supports Edison Chen (GAY?)

Steven Lim
The loyal fans of Edison Chen

 If you’re Singaporean, he was known as Singapore’s William Hung because he performed a topless show with William Hung’s version of “She Bangs” on Singapore Idol. You can watch it here. He’s also a horrible blogger that claimed himself as the most handsome guy in the world (Yuke…. Steven Lim is handsome? Haha… You judge it) at . He also likes to show his non-sixpack body and behaves in gay manners (I don’t know if it is intended or naturally gay). Since he’s so loyal to Edison (more into gay…), Edison may give him a chance to shoot a video of himself being blowjob by Steven Lim and later upload it to web…. (The next gossip)

By the way, he made a damn ‘HILARIOUS’ respond (with a little of criticizing us). It’s in mandarin, sorry for anyone who doesn’t know mandarin.

Some favourite catchphrases.  (kinda like the whole story…)

“Don’t bully my idol Chen Guan Xi, Edison~” the funny part is he said Edison after his name with cute sound… O.=”

“Why didn’t you all talk about Jack drew Rose’s naked potrait in Titanic?” Huh, it’s easy. That because they aren’t doing blowjob.

“You all like to bully weakling!! I don’t like you all bully weakling!!” he behaved like a kid and his face was red.

“Don’t add petrol to fire”. (What kind of phrase is that…?)

“They are innocent!!” Edison is innocent after having blowjob with several women?

“Do you have brains? Pokkai ah….” he should add ‘Kanina’ if he’s so angry about it.

“We will always support you” while behaving in gay manner…. WTF!

Bonus :  “Edison, I think you’re cool, I think I’m gay.” Probably his signature phrase.



Either Thursday or Friday, Edison Chen is expected to return to Hong Kong for the first time since his pictures leaked. Edison is said to be coming back to help police catch the “crazy man” releasing the photos. Gillian Chung also returned to work and ignored questions from the press. Kira, the man or men responsible for leaking the photos, has remained silent for the past couple of days. His inactivity and the fact that Gillian was smiling at her press conference has led people to believe EEG, Gillian’s record company, or someone else has paid him off. Cecilia and Nicholas have split as a result of the photos which showed Cecilia still sleeping around with Edison while they were together.

Of course, all of what has happened has fostered a few conspiracy theories. Some of which are posted under the cut.

Fun fact: In Gillian’s speech she said she was naive. On her nightstand is a bottle of KY Jelly. (some kind of lubricant for sex)

Jackie Chan’s involvement
The pictures that were released were stills taken from video. These were used as bargaining chips for a pay off. The rumor is in the video Edison asks Gillian who’s better in bed. Him, Jackie Chan or Albert, the owner of EEG. Not to tarnish the reputation of one of the most internationally known actors in Hong Kong with the Olympics looming, they decide to pay Kira off.

HK$10 million payout
More than one person was releasing the photos. They were paid 10 million HKD or 1.3 million USD to stop releasing.

Gillian Chung used as bait
Gillian Chung’s public appearance was used to lure Kira out of hiding which it never did.

Kira in hiding
Kira is waiting for Edison to return to Hong Kong to release more pictures to embarrass him. 


When is it going to be end? Now I feel tired of it…


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  1. wakaka~
    oh,u oledi know liao ah~
    today u got say meh?
    didnt heard laRR..
    (ur voice too soft liao gua,wakaka~)

    the kira very geng oh..
    can fight with the death note 1 liao~

    one more thing,
    jackie chan involve too?
    ka ni liang lo!

    Comment by 许大慧学弟 | February 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. yea, he acts like faggot….SL…get a life..we are still waiting for the Maggie Q and Gillian videos….Kira. where are u ???

    Comment by ezine | February 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. My voice really soft ar… 😦 Nowaday not many cool news d….

    Kira in deathnote seeks for justice, while reality nicknamed Kira seeks for money. If Kira really exists, Edison Chen should be dead right now…

    SL has posted many faggot acts on youtube, he thought this may help him to get his another 15 minutes of fame. But actually this makes us think Singaporeans are really… um…. Curse SL!

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | February 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. I do not believe this

    Comment by fornetti | August 31, 2008 | Reply

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