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Gillian Cheung 1st Public Appearance after the scandal

  It’s getting interesting….

    Before that,she didn’t do any public appearance and living in her residency for a week, which is 240 hours (what a sad Chinese New Year) after the scandal happened to avoid the media. Today, she had responded about the scandal without crying much. This time she is more calm than Malaysia’s incident because she can’t get the symphaty from us this time as she did it willingly while Charlene feels ‘jealous‘ with her (Gillian is more famous than Charlene).

     By the way, they claimed the photos were shot 3-5 years ago, means Gillian was a slutty slut who likes being shot her own naked photos earlier ago…. the innocent Malaysia’s incident was indeed just an act to get more supporters.

     Kira used to say he’s going to release her videos when she made her public appearance (but postponed during certain reasons?).


English translation of what Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) said:

‘The scandal has been a great deal of hurt for me and the people around me. I was naive and foolish in the past (admitting to it indirectly) but I am already a grown-up now. I would like to thank my manager, company, family and friends for their support. I’m sorry for the trouble that it has caused to the society. I will work even harder and bravely face up to my life in future. I also thank the media for their concern and fans for their unwavering support.’

As fans shout out ‘WE SUPPORT YOU, WE SUPPORT YOU…’ at the end of the clip as Gillian Chung walks away from the press conference


    Photo from BlogAdSite

What she’s trying to say from ‘her face’ indirectly

1. I’m innocent! Edison tricked me to his bed! But what we see was she even did some photo shoots with the pornographer.

2. I don’t do it anymore… Not for money… (Except my boss asks me to do so). 😛

3. Please support me… so I can get more advertisement and record contracts.

Do you think we should support her? I don’t think so…. Vote for this poll whether you do or do not stand by her. It’s obviously a ‘No’. If the poll asked “Do you want more naked photos and videos of them?”, then it’s indeed “Hell YEAH!”


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