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Holiday!! Chinese New Year is coming soon!

   Today is ‘Hari Wilayah’ (this is what we called). This day exists because of the seperation Kuala Lumpur into Federal Territory. Kuala Lumpur used to be the capital city of Selangor and went to become the 1st Federal Territory (because this city grows much faster than any city) in Malaysia on 1st February 1974.

   Anyway I don’t care about it, I just know this day is a holiday and follow by saturday and sunday. I even planned to play truant (ponteng) on Monday and Tuesday, so I would have consecutive 11 days of holidays! YAY!! It is like having 1st semester holidays, so glamourous, like it always be.

Meet the Spartans poster.jpg

   Today my friends planned to watch Meet The Spartaaaaaaaaaaannnnssss, but it turned us down because we’re underage (18 PL), need a year to reach that requirement.

    My friends who are underage cancelled the plan and went to watch Rambo (which is also 18 PL) with their brother. Their brother bought the tickets (they avoid the ticket seller) and they thought the ticket checker won’t check their ages (they obviously look underage), but instead the ticket checker asked my friends to show him their Identification Card (IC), they didn’t bring (even if they bring, they won’t be allowed to go in) and they took the refund and went back to home with tulan face.

Cloverfield theatrical poster.jpg

     Since they cannot go in, my friend asked me to watch Cloverfield instead. I checked the Wikipedia and IMDB about it, it has a decent rating and US Box-Office number 1, I think it should be a cool movie. But what I saw was vice versa, 1st person view with holding the camcorder from the start till the end and shaking until my eyes got blurred. It has no special sound effect to resemble the current incident. Therefore, we don’t know where’s the actual climax and bla bla bla. It also has a bad ending which all the characters died, including main character.

Now Chinese New Year is coming, I would have chance to meet my cousin which he’s been b-boying for a few years. I wonder what moves he could do now, I’m looking forward to see it. This could be more valuable than angpow….


February 1, 2008 - Posted by | Blogging

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