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What a tulan day….

     Nowadays,my internet has got a very slow connection thanks to streamyx… Even if I’m online,I just can’t load the video from youtube, java flash, certain pages and even lost connection when signing for MSN.Crap…. Let’s support Streamyx sucks! Here is the link for the anti-Streamyx by TmNut.

Streamyx Sucks

Not only this tulan,I have been busy for the opening dance on Saturday and Sunday, which they called the nights as “Malam Mesra” (Intimate Night? Don’t get me wrong 😛 It’s just a theme) from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. You can watch our ‘not so good’ performances at here and images posted by a performer named Kacuak a.k.a Kacak. There are 14 parts which only a few parts are about my group’s performances and others just memories for my group’s members (or craps to symbolize correctly :D).
My head started to get dizzy on Sunday during rehearsal and my body was getting cold at night after the performance. Then I got fever on next day and I went to see doctor at night…. DAMN! Not only that,my keys accidently dropped into the lift’s gap when I was going to school on Monday. What can I say anymore?

1. TmNut internet connection was damn slow. I cannot do anything without it.
2. I lost my keys looking at it dropped into the lift’s gap.
3. I got fever and felt my head was heavy. Teacher would think I’m playing truant as my schoolmates like to play truant.

4. I cannot blog when the connection has gotten slow.
5. I cannot watch youtube when the connection has gotten slow.

 Anyway,I’m luckier than kennysia when he’s competing at Deal or No Deal a.k.a Diu or No Diu.He used RM500 to fly over from Kuching to KL and he won a patheticly sum of money that is lesser than his flight price. XD


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blogging

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