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Is that your singing voice?

       Back to some times,I heard myself singing isn’t that bad,until I heard the echo sound from the phone during my conversation with my friend. I told my friend “Is that my voice? or it’s third party person talking to us?” I can’t believe it’s my voice,sounds bad.

        Later,I tried on with sound recorder to hear my actual voice,and I replay it.I was like WTF!!! It sounds so awful!! It is like you hear your voice sounded like Ricky Martin,but when you hear from sound recorder,it sounds like William Hung. That’s why so many people are daring to join singing competition without hesistation and we get so many chances to laugh. Don’t blame it on the sound recorder quality,they are innocent,the problem is YOU!


He’s the Puerto Rican legend singer,Ricky Martin who sings “She Bangs” and inspires many wannabe.


He is the pathetic guy who gets inspired by Ricky Martin,William Hung by singing She Bangs and went famous notable for his attitude and ***** (look for the tag) voice.

    I also found something interesting at here,the recording sound that you hear is what we hear, what a tragedy… That means you would end up yourself like William Hung if you try to go to American Idol competition without hearing your recording voice and your papa mama would be ashamed of you. Therefore,it would be one in a billion if you have voice like Mariah Carey and ability to whistle (of course,it’s when we hear it),if you think your voice sounds like Mariah Carey but it’s vice versa,Simon Cowell will screw you and make you cry like a little baby in front of the audition. Beware!
       That’s why singing lesson would be a good way to improve your vocal. Try to record your singing with high quality recorder such as recording studio. After you know your ‘real’ vocal (you can blame your genetic after you know how bad it is),practise and practise until you’re satisfied with your voice. Anyway,voice is not really matter,don’t bother what they say about you,just be original. You will get to discover your natural talent if you’re able to search it.


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  1. lol…gt d video ma???? i wana watch la…looks interest….heeehee…..

    Comment by p3gG13 | March 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Here =.= search this oso hard… so lazy

    Comment by bobbysecretmail | March 21, 2008 | Reply

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