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Happy New Year @ 2008!! It’s over once again….. before I got to post it,Damn!

    Yesterday,I went to my friends’ (they’re twins) house. Before that I was having McDonald meal as dinner and it’s great. Later my friend fetched me to twins’ house. We waited for other people to arrive.We planned to watch firework and estimated to arrive 10 minutes before 12 a.m.I ended up myself a few stratches from the sting of trees,being bitten by ants and swollen around my hands and legs.
    The sceneries were great but there’s too many fireworks going in a time. No time to watch the minor fireworks.Maybe my personal problem turned my mood down… Still,it’s my 1st to climb hill at midnight. We got our clothes and shoes a lot of sands and even ants!
    Later we went back to twins’ house,watching the clips he captured via television and prepared to go to mamak stall.We walked quite long way and we arrived at 3 a.m,I ate <em>roti telur</em> and <em>tea ice</em>. We chit chat a there,but I can’t think of any topic to chat…
    We walked back and arrived at 4.30 a.m,their dad was waiting for us :S and went back to sleep after he made sure we are okay. So they played Cantonese DVD initially,but they changed to Unleashed starring Jet Li. I watched with my friend that claimed to have watched it 4 times.She kept telling me the next incidents before it played to that part.
      At last we ended up didn’t sleep at all as it’s uncomfortable to sleep at sofa,we went to their computer but the internet can’t connect as they use wi-fi and the provider is from their neighbour’s house. Then we’re messing with their things and listening to songs.Later,she went to play with a hamster.
  Later the twins’ parents wanted to go to morning market and asked who is living there and going to fetch us to home.Later we stopped at outside and I walked to home,I sms her if she’s arrived at home,but ended up walking as her mum used the car.Jerk! Again…. Didn’t make sure before she knew it and I went out again to walk with her to make sure she’s okay.. Just because if I don’t and my friends will blame me if anything happened to her so I was relieved after she arrived home,but ended up myself quite lost when I went back to home.

          On New Year, Dayo Wong from Hong Kong (TVB) went to Bintang Palace nightclub for performances.I got this chance to watch him live as my aunt booked a place for RM1800 (WTH!!).I was able to capture some videos and photos in my N73. It was so damn near and he’s damn tall and skinny (don’t forget he’s evil too from his drama).


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